Washington Struggles to Resolve Student Loan Debt

Washington continues to struggle in resolving the skyrocketing student loan debt which many are predicting as the next financial crisis to hit the country. Last month, the Portland Tribune reported, that skyrocketing tuition at public and private colleges has forced more than half of all students throughout the nation to take out loans.  This year, […]

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Obama Proposes Sharp Reductions in Carbon Emissions

After failing to pass carbon dioxide emissions or so called cap-and-trade in 2010, President Obama on Monday issued new mandates that fossil-burning power plants cut carbon emissions by 30 percent by 2030. Many have claimed this new mandate circumvents Congress and will cost nearly a quarter of a million jobs, forcing many power plants across […]

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Shinseki Resigns as Director of Veterans Affairs

On Friday, President Obama announced and had accepted Director of Veteran Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resignation.  Shinseki would be taking the fall for the scandal which has engulfed the VA, but to many this was long overdue especially when members of both parties have called for his resignation. President Obama stated, “A few minutes ago, […]

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IG Issues Damaging Report on Phoenix VA Facility

The hammer fell as the Office of Inspector General for the Veterans Administration issued its report regarding the allegations of gross mismanagement at the Veterans Affairs facility in Phoenix, Arizona. The report issued by the IG was more damaging than anyone had expected. In the report, the IG reported, that VA national data, which was […]

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Remembering Memorial Day

Memorial Day to most of the nation means the start of summer, backyard barbeques, and family vacations.  To children it’s the end of the school year, the chance to head to the beach, go rafting or other outdoor activities. For few Americans it’s the long painful walk among the thousands of white cross’s that span […]

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Veteran Affairs Bill Stalls in the Senate

On Wednesday the House of Representatives in a rare show of bi-partisan support overwhelmingly voted to make it easier for the Director of Veterans Affairs to fire senior Veterans Affairs officials. The House passed the VA Management Accountability Act, H.R. 4031, 390-33 with all “no” votes coming from Democrats. The main provision of the four […]

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