Democrats Scale Back Language as Trump and GOP Press Ahead With Attacks on Senate Impeachment Trial

House Democrats charged with prosecuting the impeachment case against President Trump on Wednesday scaled back their fiery language following a rare scolding from Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., as they began laying out their case for Trump’s removal from office for pressuring Ukraine to help him win reelection.

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Senate Adopts Ground Rules for Impeachment Trial, Delaying a Decision on witnesses Until After Much of the Proceedings

The first substantive day of President Trump’s impeachment trial opened Tuesday with unexpected internal GOP dissension over its structure, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was forced to revise his proposed rules at the last minute to accommodate a brewing rebellion in his ranks.

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Trump’s Senate Trial Begins As a Polarized America Looks On

Donald Trump's impeachment trial begins in earnest in the Senate on Tuesday in a rare use of the constitutional mechanism for ousting a president that has only deepened the polarization of U.S. voters ahead of presidential elections in November.

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Democrats Seek More Testimony and Evidence For Impeachment Trial

With President Trump’s impeachment trial getting underway, Democrats are intensifying their demands for more testimony and documents that could add to the already voluminous evidence against him and bolster their case by shedding new light on several key questions.

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Senate Opens Impeachment Trial Agaisnt President Trump: Chief Justice John Roberts Sworn In

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was sworn in Thursday to preside over the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

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Senate To Accept Articles Thursday as Trump Impeachment Trial Set to Begin

The Senate is expected to officially accept the articles of impeachment Thursday, after they were handed off by key members of the House late Wednesday, officially triggering the third presidential impeachment trial in presidential history.

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Who Are The 7 Impeachment Managers Selected Fro The Senate Trail Of President Donald Trump?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi named seven impeachment managers Wednesday, shortly before a draft resolution appointing them will be introduced to the House of Representatives.

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