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Biden to Overhaul U.S. Immigration Law on first Day

President-elect Joe Biden has publicly stated that upon his first day in office he will overhaul the nation's immigration law by including eight-year pathway to citizenship for immigrants without legal status and an expansion of refugee admissions, this will also include utilizing technology in any enforcement plan.

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The impact of Biden’s $1.9 Stimulus on Wages, and Unemployment

If President-elect Joe Biden gets the go-ahead from Congress on his ambitious $1.9 trillion economic stimulus plan it would reverberate throughout the economy in positive but also negative ways.

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Joe Biden Unveils his $1.9 Trillion Economic Stimulus Plan

Billed as the American Rescue Plan, President-elect Joe Biden unveiled his $1.9 trillion economic stimulus plan that includes an additional $1,400 per person to eligible recipients, rental assistance, and billions for states and local governments.

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Democrats Control the Senate, Will Progressives Push Biden Further to the Left

Democrats are elated after winning both Senate elections in Georgia, and with a Democratic majority in the House are eager to enact their progressive agenda for America.

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Senator Mitch McConnell secretly believes Trump should be Impeached

According to people familiar with Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader believes that President Trump has committed impeachable offenses and actions by Democrats will make it easier to purge Trump and his movement from the Republican Party.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders will Play Pivotal role for Biden Agenda

After the Democrats won both Georgia Senate race’s giving them control of the U.S. Senate, Vermont Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders will play a pivotal in moving Biden's legislative policies forward as chairman of the Senate Budget Committee.

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