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As ballots pile up in the mail, a potential ‘nightmare’ looms on Election Night

New York's polls closed nearly three ago. But many candidates still don't know whether they've won -- because New York City is still counting ballots that arrived in the mail.

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Supreme Court blocks House Dem subpoenas for Trump financial records

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday blocked subpoenas from congressional Democrats for President Donald Trump's personal and business financial records but kept open the possibility that they could ultimately be enforced.

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Biden set to unveil economic agenda in speech outside Scranton

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden will unveil the first major plank of his economic agenda Thursday, detailing a moderate proposal to use government purchasing to spur manufacturing in sectors such as clean energy, infrastructure and health care.

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Operation Warp Speed commits $1.6 billion to Covid-19 vaccine maker Novavax

"Operation Warp Speed," the federal government's Covid-19 vaccine program, on Tuesday announced the largest government Covid-19 vaccine contract to date -- a $1.6 billion contract with Novavax, a Maryland biotech company.

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Shooting of Child in Atlanta Creates Backlash Risk: Protest Wrap

The shooting death of an eight-year-old girl near the burned-out Wendy’s in Atlanta where Rayshard Brooks was killed by a police officer risks fanning a backlash against weeks of demonstrations across America by people campaigning for racial justice.

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US coronavirus infections rising in 36 states as July Fourth weekend starts

As Americans head into a holiday weekend in the shadow of a ravaging coronavirus pandemic, some governors are rethinking their stance on face coverings after days of record infections.

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