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Trump makes humanitarian case for wall, calling border situation ‘a crisis of the soul’

President Trump escalated the battle over his long-promised border wall Tuesday night, using a nationally televised Oval Office address to rally public support and blame Democrats for a partial government shutdown that is now in its third week.

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Does a Double Standard Exist with Regard to Sexual Misconduct?

Last year the nation was engulfed in a bitter confirmation battle as to whether Brett Kavanaugh was qualified to be nominated to the U.S. Supreme court after allegations surfaced he may have engaged in sexual misconduct forty years ago even though no evidence was presented to corroborate the accusations against him.

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Networks set to air Trump’s prime time address; Pelosi, Schumer demand equal time

The major television networks said that they will provide wall-to-wall coverage of President Donald Trump's prime time address on border security on Tuesday.

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What Will a Divided Government Mean for the US?

With the Democrats wresting control of the House of Representatives away from the Republicans for the first since 2010, we are now back to divided government and how this impacts the country is anybody’s guess; do we get compromise, gridlock or down right warfare?

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As shutdown drags on, Trump officials make new offer, seek novel ways to cope with its impacts

Trump administration officials began taking extraordinary steps to contain the fallout from the partial federal government shutdown Sunday, as the budget impasse between the president and congressional Democrats showed no signs of nearing a breakthrough.

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Democrat introducing impeachment measure against Trump on first day of new Congress

A California congressman is introducing articles of impeachment against President Trump on Thursday -- the first day of the new Democratic majority in the House.

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Sanders says he was not aware of sexual harassment allegations on 2016 campaign, apologizes to women

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said Wednesday that he was not aware of the sexual harassment and pay disparity allegations during his 2016 presidential campaign, and apologized to "any woman who feels like she was not treated appropriately."

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