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Pelosi and Mnuchin have been chatting on the phone, possible indicator that there’s a debt-limit issue

The Speaker of the House doesn’t talk to the Treasury Secretary on a Saturday night, then send him a letter, and, then blast out a press release, unless it’s urgent.

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Trump weighs ousting Commerce chief Wilbur Ross after census defeat

President Donald Trump has told aides and allies that he is considering removing Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross after a stinging Supreme Court defeat on adding a citizenship question to the census, according to multiple people familiar with the conversations.

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Exclusive: Biden expresses skepticism of Democrats’ leftward tilt and AOC’s mass appeal

Former Vice President Joe Biden expressed deep skepticism of the leftward tilt of the Democratic Party in an exclusive interview with CNN airing Friday.

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At border, grim realities of crisis collide with 2020 campaign politics

Homeland Security officials thought they finally were getting a handle on the crisis at the Mexico border, after warning for months that agents and holding cells were beyond “the breaking point.”

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Democrats convulse over race as debate exchange reverberates

An impassioned argument over racism in America has boiled to the surface in an increasingly muddled Democratic presidential primary contest, triggered by an electrifying debate encounter that has reverberated across the campaign for days.

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‘Her ambition got it wrong about Joe’: Harris faces debate backlash

Kamala Harris might be reveling in her sudden burst of attention after roasting Joe Biden over racial issues on the debate stage last week, but a backlash is already brewing.

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Trump raises 2020 stakes by elevating North Korea, China on agenda

President Trump used his four-day trip to Asia to jumpstart his sputtering diplomatic efforts with China and North Korea, moves he is touting as significant victories but that also carry big risks heading into the campaign season.

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Poll: Biden support sinks, Harris moves up to third place after Democratic debate

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) surged into third place among 2020 Democratic presidential candidates following what many considered a standout debate performance on Thursday, according to a new Morning Consult poll.

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