By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

America enters a new year, the same problems still persist and one of the most consequential issues the U.S. still faces and will face in 2024 is the massive illegal immigration wave that has continued unabated the past three years.

Each year and each month the U.S. continues to break records on the amount of illegal immigrants allowed to enter the country, in the final years of the Trump administration 450,000 entered the country illegally, with only twelve apprehended on the terror watch list during his entire presidency.

Under President Biden millions have poured across the U.S. southern border with close to three million in 2023 and almost 200 that were apprehended who are on the terror watch list, this year will shatter all previous records.  A report recently released by the U.S. Custom and Border Patrol that over 300,000 illegal immigrants crossed the U.S. southern border in December 2023 the highest ever recorded in one month.

The crisis with immigration is one that could have been avoided but unfortunately Democrats in Washington and around the country fueled this illegal migration by their open contempt of U.S. immigration laws and mocking the nation’s asylum system.

Even when Joe Biden assumed the presidency he fulfilled a cherished campaign promise to undo every immigration measure put in place by the Trump administration, upending polices that produced the lowest illegal immigrant crossings in decades.

Democrats in blue states and cities for years have been enticing illegal migration to America with the offer of generous benefits and making it almost a crime for state and local law enforcement to coordinate with federal immigrations officials on border security. These same Democratic politicians in blue states and cities have also prevented law enforcement from turning over illegal immigrants who have committed crimes to federal immigration officials.

The Democratic political leaders led by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party have advocated for an open-border policy by allowing anyone who wanted to come to the U.S. to enter without fear of being returned to ones country of origin.

Every Democrat who ran for president in 2020 ran on a message all who come to the U.S. can stay and this message went out as dog whistle to those south of the border and around the world, if you can get to America you can remain!

During the Trump presidency every Democrat were adamant in their opposition to any border enforcement, and fought with a victor preventing the previous administration from enforcing or enacting any additional border restrictions.  All Throughout the Trump administration Democratic political leaders in states and cities across the country did everything they could to outdo each other on who could be the most pro-immigrant by welcoming all illegal immigrants into their communities thus declaring themselves a sanctuary bastion.

All these sanctuary states and cities enticed illegals from across the globe with all sorts of benefits once they arrived in their communities. An example, a hospital in Arizona in the first half of 2022 paid out $20 million in healthcare to illegal migrants, but then charged Americans for the same service that illegals get for free.

All of these Democrat cities and states currently have a “shelter in place” policy that any illegal that comes into their community will be afforded shelter all at taxpayer expense. Even as hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants pour into these Democratic states and cities, Democrat political leaders still refuse to renounce their sanctuary policies and continue to spend revenue on these illegals.

Just go back in time to the first Democratic debate in June of 2019, when all the Democrat candidates running for president raised their hands in the affirmative when the moderator asked them will their health care plan cover illegal immigrants.

Then candidate Joe Biden when questioned by reporter Jorge Ramos stated, “I would in fact make sure that there is, that we immediately surge to the border — all those people are seeking asylum. They deserve to be heard,” Biden said. “That’s who we are. We’re a nation that says, ‘If you want to flee and you’re fleeing oppression, you should come.’”

Ironically back in October 2021, New York City Mayor Adams Tweeted that “We should protect our immigrants, and yes, New York City will remain a sanctuary city policy under an Adams administration.” Fast forward to 2023, Adams calls out Governor Abbott of Texas for sending the illegal migrants to his cities, but only recently called out Biden for his failed immigration enforcement.

Once Joe Biden assumed the presidency he removed all border enforcements that had the created the lowest incursions of illegals crossing the U.S. southern border in decades.  Even before Biden was inaugurated the signal by Democrats was a “dog whistle” for you to come to America, once inside the country you will be allowed to stay.

This changed as border state governors began sending illegal migrants into these sanctuary cities of New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles as they were bearing the brunt of over six million illegals from all over the world pouring into their states.

Now that sanctuary cities and states are now becoming border communities and having to spend billions in precious resources coupled with the intense backlash from voters who reject revenue going to take care of illegal immigrants over their own Americans, are only now complaining, but this is the polices they supported.

Now the political leaders these blue cities are now feeling the ramifications of their own policies as their own constituents enraged as illegal migrants fill up shelters. Now Mayor Eric Adams is heading to Mexico to tell migrants New York City has no vacancies, and he will repeat this same theme when he heads to Colombia and Ecuador

The progressive mayor of Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson stated he’ll visit Texas’ southern border soon to see the migrant issue firsthand, far cry from when he declared his unequivocal support of sanctuary city policies.

Even the Biden administration is reversing a long held policy by building a small 22 mile border wall; remember they were adamant that they would remove any vestige of a wall established by the Trump administration.

What’s missing from Democratic leaders and especially the Biden administration is that they don’t want to discuss any mention of the asylum law, which currently makes it a prize as illegal immigrants know that all that have to do is get to America in order to gain temporary legal status in the U.S. and remain in the country for years without a hearing.

Basically right now you can claim asylum for anything, to include being from a poor country. Previously asylum laws was a type of protection granted to migrants fleeing persecution or other harm in their home countries, has been a central component of U.S. immigration law for decades.

Even before Biden took office hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants were massing on the U.S. southern border and once inaugurated six million have poured across with about 2 million in got a ways that were not apprehended or turned themselves into immigration officials.

Border officials apprehended over 200 individuals on the U.S. terror watch list; this was more than the last six years combined. So where is the border czar in Vice President Kamala Harris?

This immigration crisis in one of America’s own making, and now is a major problem for Democrats and President Joe Biden, the policy you enacted is now being felt by these citizens living in Blue states and cities, so remember be careful what you wish for you may just get; well they did!

Democrats own this border mess and have only themselves to blame.