John Ubaldi, is president and founder of Ubaldi Reports, which provides credible, political content, addressing domestic and global issues resulting in a well-informed and knowledgeable citizen that can take responsible action of their own choice.

John is a 30 year retired veteran of the United States Marine Corps with three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  During his time in the Marine Corps, John has become a foremost authority on Civil Affairs as it relates to Counterinsurgency and Irregular Warfare, and is an author in various military journals.

John served in Afghanistan in 2002, and 2012, and was deployed with the Marines in Ramadi, Iraq in 2005, where he conducted counterinsurgency and irregular warfare.

Currently, John is a bestselling author of a book published on Amazon titled, “The New Business Brigade: Veterans Dynamic Impact on U.S. Business.”

His knowledge of the Middle East region and national security policy has afforded him the opportunity to speak on many national and local news programs such as the syndicated national news program “Washington Journal” and other radio and television programs.

John is a frequent political commentator on KFBK-News Talk radio in Northern California, is a tri-weekly political commentator on WXJB-News Talk radio in the Tampa, Florida region, and International and Military expert for Bay News 9 television in Tampa, Florida.

John is a weekly contributor to “In Homeland Security News” a national online resource for breaking news covering topics dealing with terrorism, Geo-Global Politics, disaster response, border security, transportation and logistics, military intelligence, law enforcement, cyber-security, and national security. You can view his writings at

John also has a Podcast that he co-produces with Joe Bitz a medically retired Marine who was wounded in Iraq by an IED. You can access the Podcast at

As a Marine who saw devastation and poverty in the Middle East, John personally organized the organizing, shipment and delivery of $6 million dollars’ worth of humanitarian aid to Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, Nicaragua, and the Philippines.

Previously, John worked for a political consulting firm and business organizations which handled many clients at the national and state level affording him the opportunity to provide expertise on a variety of national and international topics.

John has a Master’s Degree in National Security Studies from American Military University with a strong concentration in Middle Eastern Studies, and a Bachelor’s degree in Government from California State University, Sacramento.