America’s Unreported Achievement Gap in Education

The horrific death of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer has galvanized the nation at this injustice, but as the country comes to grip with the crisis, it needs to shed a light on a seldom reported issue regarding the educational achievement gap in America.

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Trump, Congress face huge economic decisions over aid as country is rocked by protests

The escalating protests across the United States could intensify a political standoff between the White House and Congress over whether to continue emergency economic assistance for millions of Americans.

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Facing Protests Over Use of Force, Police Respond With More Force

Demonstrations continued across the United States on Sunday as the nation braced for another grueling night of unrest over police shootings and the death of George Floyd, amid growing concern that aggressive law enforcement tactics intended to impose order were instead inflaming tensions.

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‘No justice, no peace’: Protesters breach Minneapolis police precinct, set fires in the wake of George Floyd’s death

Protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death boiled over Thursday night as protesters gained access to the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct building, setting it on fire and forcing officers to evacuate.

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Biden hopes to pick VP by Aug. 1

Former Vice President Joe Biden says he hopes to decide on a running mate by Aug. 1, about two weeks before the Democratic nominating convention in Milwaukee.

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New York’s Disastrous Policy of Sending Coronavirus Patients to Nursing Homes

The coronavirus pandemic had an enormous impact on the United States but one state took the brunt with New York State having over 29,000 fatalities. The disturbing part of this tragedy was the policy of New York by sending recovering coronavirus patients to defenseless nursing homes, resulted in the deaths of over 5,000 elderly patients.

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