Worried that $2 Trillion Law Wasn’t enough, Trump and Congressional Leaders Converge on Need for new Coronavirus Economic Package

Congressional leaders and the White House are converging on the need for a new assistance package to try to contain the coronavirus pandemic’s economic devastation, fearful that a $2 trillion bailout law enacted last month will have only a limited effect.

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Pelosi Forges Ahead with 4th Coronavirus Relief Bill despite Naysayers

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is forging ahead on her plans to develop another coronavirus-related relief package to address the ongoing public health crisis, including more direct payments to Americans and increased unemployment benefits.

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Americans Warned of ‘Pearl Harbor Moment’ as Trump Tells Parts of the Nation to Brace for ‘Peak’

Americans are being advised to steel themselves for one of the most agonizing weeks in living memory, as President Trump and his advisers predicted parts of the country were nearing a peak of cases of covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

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If You Have a Student loan, Here’s what Happens When the FED Lowers Rates

If you borrowed money to attend college, you most likely won’t feel any impact from the Federal Reserve’s interest rate cut.

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Fauci: ‘I don’t Understand Why’ Every state Hasn’t Issued Stay-At-Home Orders

The nation’s top infectious disease expert said Thursday he doesn’t understand why every state hasn’t issued stay-at-home orders as novel coronavirus cases continue to surge across the US.

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Infrastructure Often Embraced by both Parties, to no Avail

President Donald Trump wants to spend $2 trillion on infrastructure projects to create jobs and help the collapsing economy rebuild from the coronavirus’ stunning blows. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that seems about right.

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