By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

After the unmitigated disaster by President Joe Biden’s during his debate performance against former President Donald Trump sending the Democratic Party into panic, who are contemplating finding a way to replace Biden with either Vice President Kamala Harris or California Governor Gavin Newsom.

The question is this a good move by the Democratic Party or is this a failed strategy considering both are from California, and if anyone has examined the “golden state” lately its is less then golden.

On paper Harris and Newsom would be an ideal choice for president, both come from the most populous state in the Union, both have access to unlimited capital, and both have wide name recognition.

The major problem both hail from California, one of the worst governed states in the U.S., and solidly a one-party state where Democrats control every aspect of governmental control, coupled with Republicans controling not one state office, so you can’t blame the GOP for California’s dysfunction.

Both Harris and Newsom routinely boost about the economic diversity of the state, and its quest for racial justice, unfortunately all of this is devoid of reality. California suffers from the highest poverty rate in the U.S. with the greatest economic inequality of any state in the union.

Harris and Newsom boast of the dynamic place where ideas and innovation thrive, but the reality which is California has the highest unemployment in the country, with all jobs created being in government as reported by the State’s Legislative Analyst Office.

Instead of being a state where people want to live, California has a massive net emigration, with an exodus out to other regions of the country such as Texas and Florida. As people flee the state, California is now facing and dealing with a surge in homelessness with accounts for 30% of the nation’s homeless population.

The state can’t even account for how its spent $24 billion in dealing with the homeless, and instead of reducing the number the homeless population only got worse.

Just examine the state of education in California, which used to be a leader in educational outcome, now the opposite is true. California’s primary education system is now ranked as one of the worst state in the nation especially for minority students.

For all the rhetoric espoused by Newsom and Harris as California being the home of social justice, just examine the results of Democratic polices in particular for minority students.

Close to 80% of black and Hispanic students are deficient in math and reading, for example Hispanics who reside in California do far worse off this their Latino counterparts in red states such as Texas and Florida.

As much as Newsom champions public education for six million California students, just recently the Governor moved his children to an exclusive private school in the wealthy county of Marin, and placed them in a prestigious private institution with tuition starting at $59,600 plus other incidentals that tops out at close to $70,000 per child.

This considering more than half of all California k-12 students can’t read nor do math at grade level.

Remember Newsom kept six million k-12 students locked out and had to learn by Zoom, all the while his children were in a private school with in-person learning. I guess as long as his children were getting a quality education it doesn’t matter about the rest of the children of California.

Right now, the only thing California has to offer the rest of the country is how not to rebuild, as the golden state now boosts one of the worst infrastructures in the country despite having the largest transportation department and having one of the highest taxes raised to support this failure.

One example of the high cost of infrastructure spending was the rebuilding of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge which saw costs rise from an estimated $250 million in 1995 to $6.5 billion in 2013. The rebuilding took over 18 years to complete, in perspective it took less than eight years to build the Golden Gate Bridge.

Just examine the infamous California high-speed rail line, which Newsom fails or refuse to abandon cost around  $33 billion in 2008, to around $100 billion, with only miles built.

Harris and Newsom push and demand California and the nation accept climate policy, but this radical agenda has made life poorer for minority workers who often are part of the carbon economy of manufacturing, logistics and agriculture.

Joel Kotkin writing in “New Geography” wrote even without adjusting for costs, no California metro area ranks in the US top 10 in terms of well-paying, blue-collar jobs. But four — Ventura, Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Diego — sit among the bottom 10.

Public safety ranks as one of the top issues for any public servant, both Newsom and Harris have failed miserably at this. Both are from San Francisco, which has the dubious distinction of being the worst run city in the nation.

Newsom while serving as mayor promised to wipe out homelessness but it became worse. While as governor he declared himself the homeless czar, but the situation has gotten worse and to add insult the state can’t account for $24 billion in homeless spending.

Harris talks tough about crime, but she herself failed and now the state suffers from rampant crime leading many people and businesses to flee the state.

If Newsom and Harris are the future for America, then the American people should really examine the stewardship of both their records before elevating them to the presidency; if not they will regret their vote!