The U.S. Accuses China of Genocide in Xinjiang, Question will it Boycott Beijing Olympics in 2022?

The U.S. has openly accused China of conducting genocide in Xinjiang as it places millions of Muslims in concentration camps, a question left unanswered would the United States consider boycotting the 2022 Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing?

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Chinese President Xi’s Speech and Biden Faces a Different China

Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a speech at the World Economic Forum’s virtual event as he called for the world to cooperate more with China, this as the world waits for how President Biden will deal with the Beijing.

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Taiwan Expelled thousands of Chinese Dredgers of its waters

Taiwan expelled thousands of illegal Chinese vessels from its territorial waters from dredging sands as this is a major increase as Beijing seeks to pressure the Democratic Island.

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Biden to Face Foreign Policy Challenge From Russia

U.S. Russia policy for the past four years has been through the lens of Washington politics, now that President Biden is president he will have to deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Biden Focus’s on Coronavirus and Economy, How would he Deal with Foreign Policy?

Ever since president-elect, Joe Biden, officially become president, all his focus has been on the coronavirus and the economy, but little or no attention has been paid to foreign policy.

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China Aims to Discredit Western Vaccines, as they Spread Virus Conspiracy Theories

China is actively encouraging Europe and Australia to reject any American vaccines as they consistently spread the notion that the coronavirus didn’t originate in China and that the American vaccines are not safe.

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