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IDF rescues four hostages from Hamas captivity in daring Gaza operation

Four hostages were rescued simultaneously from two separate nearby locations in Nuseirat in central Gaza, in a high-risk joint operation by the IDF, Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), Yamam and police in broad daylight, the IDF announced in a series of statements on Saturday.

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Biden team hails ‘lightning speed’ call on strikes in Russia. Meanwhile, Kharkiv burned.

The White House this week said it moved at “lightning speed” to allow Kyiv to use U.S. weaponry to strike limited targets inside Russia, just 17 days after Ukraine came begging for the capability. But for Ukrainians who have weathered a punishing Russian assault on the northeast Kharkiv region, those 17 days of waiting are emblematic of a White House that has lagged repeatedly behind battlefield developments at the cost of Ukrainian lives.

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Some Big Decisions: What It Will Take to Repair Israel-US Ties

US National Security adviser Jake Sullivan’s Mideast visit this weekend is an opportunity for Washington and Jerusalem. Whether they revive their wartime ties or risk further deterioration in relations with the onset of election season in the US, and possibly Israel, remains to be seen.

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More than 2,100 arrested at anti-Israel protests nationwide as police clear college encampments

Police and law enforcement have made thousands of arrests as anti-Israel agitators continue to protest in encampments on college campuses across the nation. Some colleges have struck deals with protesters to review their investments in Israel.

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