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China Blasts U.S.’ ‘Cliques’ Before Planned Meeting With Japan, India and Australia

China blasts the United States upcoming meeting with the three other nations of Australia, Japan and India that is deemed the quad.

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President Biden Upends Decades of U.S. Foreign Policy

At the beginning of President Biden’s presidency, we were told by academics, political leaders of both parties, military officials and national security experts that the “adults are now back” in charge of U.S. foreign policy and would restore alliances that former President Trump had alienated.

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Taliban claims to defeat resistance amid fear for trapped Americans

On Monday, the Taliban ha claimed to have taken full control of Afghanistan after its fighters seized the last remaining opposition forces in the Panjshir Valley, this is in conjunction with Americans still unable to leave the country.

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U.S. Citizens and Afghans Still Waiting for Evacuation Flights

Close to 1,000 people that also includes  dozens of American citizens and those Afghans holding visas to the United States or other countries, are still stuck in the chaos of Afghanistan awaiting clearance by the Taliban to depart the country.

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Afghanistan Descends into Chaos

The entire evacuation of U.S. troops, civilians and Afghans has been a debacle from the very beginning, but compounding the chaos was the killing of 13 American military personnel, 90 Afghans killed plus scores wounded, by an Islamic State affiliate, called ISIS-K who is now planning additional attacks even after the evacuation of American civilians.

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U.S. Military Says Equipment Left in Afghanistan ‘May Be Beneficial to Taliban’

The U.S. military has admitted that the $80 billion in military equipment left by the United States in Afghanistan will in fact benefit the Taliban.

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As the Taliban Tighten Their Grip, Fears of Retribution Grow

With a full American withdrawal days away fear grips the Afghan capital of Kabul and through the country await the potential retribution by the Taliban against anyone that worked with the U.S., the government and against them.

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