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Russia Further cements its Presence in the Middle East

The collapse of the Soviet Union ended Russia as a superpower, eventually leading to Moscow’s full withdrawal from the Middle East, but decades later President Vladimir Putin would reverse this trajectory by reinserting itself back into the region.

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Saudi Arabia slams US Senate vote as ‘interference’

Saudi Arabia on Monday slammed as "interference" US Senate resolutions over its war in Yemen and critic Jamal Khashoggi's murder, warning that the move could have repercussions on its strategic ties with Washington.

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France ready to take Strasbourg suspect dead or alive, says government spokesman

Hundreds of police scoured eastern France on Thursday for a fugitive gunman behind a deadly Strasbourg Christmas market attack that left two people dead and six others fighting for their lives.

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Strasbourg shooting suspect cried out “Allahu Akbar” – Paris prosecutor

The man suspected of carrying out a fatal shooting attack in Strasbourg on Tuesday night had cried out "Allahu Akbar" during the attack, said Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz.

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That was awkward — at world’s biggest climate conference, U.S. promotes fossil fuels

President Trump’s top White House adviser on energy and climate stood before the crowd of some 200 people on Monday and tried to burnish the image of coal, the fossil fuel that powered the industrial revolution — and is now a major culprit behind the climate crisis world leaders are meeting here to address.

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Tear Gas Still Lingering, France’s President to Address the Nation

With the smell of tear gas and smoke still lingering in Paris and other cities after a fourth weekend of protests, France’s president planned a nationwide address on Monday to respond to the anger among many middle-class and working-poor citizens frustrated over their declining economic means.

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