How the Military Will Carry out a Hasty, Risky Withdrawal From Syria

President Trump’s decision — made in the span of a week — to withdraw about 1,000 American troops from northern Syria caught the Pentagon, and the forces on the ground, off guard.

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U.S. Urges Immediate Cease-Fire in Syria as It Sanctions Turkey

The Trump administration called on Turkey for “an immediate cease-fire” in Syria on Monday as it announced sanctions on three senior Turkish officials and sharply increased tariffs on steel in response to the military operation launched by Ankara last week.

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Syria’s Assad Sends Troops North as Turkish Offensive Escalates

Syrian government forces began fanning out in the northeast after striking a deal with Kurdish fighters abandoned by their U.S. allies to a Turkish military offensive -- a major shift that could see President Bashar al-Assad cement his impending victory in the country’s long war.

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Turkey Within Trump Red Line, US Seeking Ceasefire: Official

Turkey's assault on Syrian Kurdish forces has not breached a red line declared by President Donald Trump, a US official said Thursday, as he added that Washington wanted to broker a ceasefire.

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Turkey Says Ground Forces Are Advancing in Northern Syria

Turkish ground forces pressed their advance against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria on Thursday, Turkey's Defense Ministry said, launching airstrikes and unleashing artillery shelling on Syrian towns and villages the length of its border.

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Pentagon Won’t Take Over Islamic State Prisons if US-Allied Kurdish Forces Withdraw, Officals Say

The U.S. military has no plans to intervene if Syrian Kurdish forces abandon a constellation of Islamic State prisons in Syria to confront a possible Turkish invasion, officials said Tuesday.

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Turkey Says Syria Attack Plans Complete, Trump Delivers Threat

Turkey said on Tuesday it had completed preparations for a military operation in northeast Syria after the United States began pulling back troops, opening the way for a Turkish attack on Kurdish-led forces long allied to Washington.

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Trump Endorses Turkish Military Operation in Syria, Shifting U.S. Policy

In a major shift in United States military policy in Syria, the White House said on Sunday that President Trump had given his endorsement for a Turkish military operation that would sweep away American-backed Kurdish forces near the border in Syria.

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