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Russian Forces ‘Increasingly Hollowed Out’ in Ukraine—U.K. Intel

The scale of the onslaught by Vladimir Putin's forces in Ukraine amid a fierce ongoing fight for a city in the eastern Donbas region is "unsustainable" in the long term, British defense officials have said.

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What if Russia’s army fails in Ukraine?

Perhaps foreseeing a Russian win or stalemate in Ukraine, some foreign policy experts urge that it cede territory. French President Emmanuel Macron calls for not “humiliating” Russia. These entreaties could miss the mark. The battlefield is fluid and could turn for or against Ukraine. The West should prudently prepare for Ukrainian success as well as a less favorable outcome.

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Russia Turns to Old Tanks as It Burns Through Weapons in Ukraine

Russia is scraping across the country to find manpower and weapons, including old tanks based in the Far East, having used up much of its military capacity in the first 100 days of its invasion of Ukraine, according to senior European officials with knowledge of the situation on the ground.

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Putin is ‘preparing to starve much of the developing world’ in order to win Russia’s war in Ukraine, Yale historian says

Yale historian Timothy Snyder said Putin plans to starve places in Asia and Africa to win the war.

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Biden’s Summit of the Americas gets off to rocky start with Mexico’s boycott. What to expect.

President Joe Biden’s Summit of the Americas will get off to a rocky start this week after Mexico's president announced he would not attend the gathering, a major snub for a high-profile event that seeks to convene leaders from North, Central and South America.

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Putin warns Russia will strike new targets if long-range missiles are supplied to Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Sunday that Moscow would strike new targets if the US supplied long-range missiles to Ukraine, according to Russian state media.   

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EU leaders agree to partial ban of Russian oil; US won’t provide missiles capable of striking Russia: Live Ukraine updates

European Union leaders reached a deal late Monday on a sixth sanction package that would include a partial oil embargo against Russia after resolving an objection from Hungary.

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