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Biden: US will ‘forcefully’ protect personnel in Syria

President Joe Biden said Friday that the U.S. would respond “forcefully” to protect its personnel after U.S. forces retaliated with airstrikes on sites in Syria used by groups affiliated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard following a suspected Iranian-linked attack Thursday that killed a U.S. contractor and wounded seven other Americans in northeast Syria.

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Xi’s trip to Russia boosts ‘dear friend’ Putin as China pushes back against U.S. power

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s trip to Russia offers a symbolic shot in the arm to his increasingly isolated Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, and highlights Xi’s determination to push back against American power in the world, experts and former U.S. officials say.

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China’s Xi to meet Putin next week in first visit to Russia since invasion of Ukraine

Chinese leader Xi Jinping will fly to Moscow next week to meet with President Vladimir Putin in his first visit to Russia since Putin launched his devastating invasion of Ukraine more than a year ago.

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Iran-Saudi Pact Is Brokered by China, Leaving U.S. on Sidelines

Finally, there is a peace deal of sorts in the Middle East. Not between Israel and the Arabs, but between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which have been at each other’s throats for decades. And brokered not by the United States but by China.

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Russia could run out of ‘military tools’ by spring after wasting a ‘huge amounts’ of soldiers and weapons, Ukraine spy chief says

A top Ukraine military leader anticipated that Russia could be out of "military tools" if the country "fails in its aims" by spring. 

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CIA chief: China has some doubt on ability to invade Taiwan

U.S. intelligence shows that China's President Xi Jinping has instructed his country's military to “be ready by 2027" to invade Taiwan though he may be currently harboring doubts about his ability to do so given Russia's experience in its war with Ukraine, CIA Director William Burns said.

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‘A serious problem’: Secretary of State Antony Blinken says China pondering supplying weapons to Russia. Live Ukraine updates.

The U.S. has detected worrisome signs of more substantial participation in Russia's war in Ukraine from an influential force: China.

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