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Xi Says China Is Ready for War After Trump, Biden Take Hard Line on Beijing

Chinese President Xi Jinping warned Friday that Beijing will not shy away from conflict, soon after President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger former Vice President Joe Biden sought to convince Americans they would both stand up to China over the next four years.

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China threatens retaliation over new U.S. arms sales to Taiwan

China threatened on Thursday to retaliate against the latest U.S. arms sale to Chinese-claimed Taiwan, as the island welcomed the weapons package but said it was not looking to get into an arms race with Beijing.

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China Media Says Risk of War With Taiwan Rising, Despite President’s Conciliatory Speech

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said Saturday that the island democracy is strengthening its defenses against a potential Chinese invasion, but also called for "meaningful dialogue" with Beijing, which claims the country as its own territory.

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It’s Time for Trump to Soberly Confront the Rising Turkish Threat | Opinion

For the past several months, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has busily dispelled any residual doubts about his hostility toward the U.S. and its allies in NATO and the Middle East.

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Top military leadership quarantines after Coast Guard vice commandant tests positive for COVID-19

Much of the nation’s top military leadership is now in quarantine after the vice commandant of the Coast Guard tested positive for COVID-19, a senior Defense Department official said Tuesday.

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US troops in Poland reassure NATO’s Baltic States as Russia looms

The U.S. decision to base an additional 1,000 troops in Poland is a boon for the tiny Baltic states whose NATO defense is insecure in the face of Russian aggression.

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Where Trump and Biden Stand on Foreign Policy

President Trump and Democratic opponent Joe Biden have profound differences in key areas of U.S. foreign policy, but hold similar views about some major goals, including limiting troop deployments to the Middle East and Afghanistan.

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US sends mechanized troops back into Syria

By Kyle Rempfer, Army Times-- Bradley fighting vehicles have headed back into eastern Syria, the Pentagon announced Friday, a move that comes after a tense encounter with Russian forces left four U.S. troops lightly injured last month. The return of mechanized units also comes as the U.S. military deployed Sentinel radar and increased the frequency of fighter jet [...]

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