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U.S. tells commercial vessels to send Gulf transit plans in advance

The U.S. maritime agency has told U.S.-flagged commercial vessels they must send transit plans in advance to American and British naval authorities if they intend to sail in Gulf waters following a number of incidents over tankers involving Iran.

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NATO needs to address China’s rise, says Stoltenberg

NATO needs to understand the implications of China's rise as Beijing expands its power around the world, including areas that may challenge members of the North Atlantic security body, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday.

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U.S. Ends Cold War Missile Treaty, With Aim of Countering China

The United States on Friday terminated a major treaty of the Cold War, the Intermediate Nuclear Forces agreement, and it is already planning to start testing a new class of missiles later this summer.

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Democratic debate offers first look at candidates’ Afghanistan, national security plans

The 2020 presidential hopefuls saw their first significant foreign policy discussion this week during the two-night Democratic Party debate in Detroit, including questions about how long U.S. troops should remain in Afghanistan.

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Erdogan says Turkey will turn elsewhere if U.S. will not sell F-35s

President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday Turkey would turn elsewhere for fighter jets if the United States will not sell it F-35s, adding that the U.S. decision to cut Ankara from the jet production program would not deter it from meeting its needs.

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Esper confirmed as new defense secretary, ending Pentagon leadership uncertainty

The Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved Mark Esper to be the country’s 27th defense secretary, ending a wait of more than 200 days for a permanent Pentagon leader.

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