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Massive Beirut blast kills at least 50, injures hundreds

A massive explosion rocked Beirut on Tuesday, flattening much of the port, damaging buildings across the capital and sending a giant mushroom cloud into the sky. At least 50 people were killed and 2,700 injured, with bodies buried in the rubble, officials said.

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We’ll discuss how German forces can help regions to be hit by U.S. troop withdrawal: minister

The German defence minister said on Friday that she would hold talks after the summer with the premiers of states affected by U.S. plans to withdraw about 12,000 troops from Germany to see how the national armed forces can help those regions.

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Nearly 12,000 US Troops Will Pull Out of Germany at Cost of Billions, SecDef Says

Nearly 12,000 U.S. troops will be withdrawn or repositioned from Germany, with more than half of them returning to the U.S., under a long-term plan aimed at strengthening NATO's eastern flanks against Russia, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Wednesday.

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US Navy’s top officer reveals grim new details of the damage to Bonhomme Richard

A series of explosions and a 1,200-degree inferno damaged 11 of the amphibious assault ship Bonhomme Richard’s 14 decks, according to a summary of the damage by the U.S. Navy’s top officer, which was obtained by Defense News.

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Progressive effort to cut defense fails twice in Congress

Congress went two-for-two swatting down measures to slash the national security budget by $74 billion, rejecting a proposal Wednesday from Sen. Bernie Sanders to redirect the money toward domestic needs.

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China says it won’t join nuclear talks until the US reduces its arsenal

China would be "happy" to join trilateral nuclear arms control talks with the United States and Russia, on the condition that Washington significantly reduces its arsenal to match China's own level, a senior Chinese diplomat said Wednesday,

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