Blinken warns Ukraine cease-fire now would result in ‘Potemkin peace,’ legitimizing Russian invasion

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Friday that the United States and its allies should not support a cease-fire or peace talks to end the war in Ukraine until Kyiv gains strength and can negotiate on its own terms.

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The true scale of Russian combat losses

Prigozhin’s latest statements confirmed the actual scale of Russian combat losses in Ukraine.

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Germany is finally focusing on defending NATO, but its military ‘lacks almost everything’ it needs to do it, a former German general says

Like other Western countries, Germany has scrambled to support Ukraine against Russia that has highlighted “the neglected state and outdated focus” of Germany’s military, a former general says, but before Berlin can support Kyiv or defend NATO, it will have to refurbish its own forces.

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Biden’s Vast Foreign Policy Experience Has Led to Disaster

All through the 2020 presidential election the American people were told about Joe Biden’s vast foreign policy experience and how his decades of service in Washington gave him the mastery of world affairs and would restore America to its leadership perch on the global stage after the wreckage left by the presidency of Donald Trump; well how is that working out?

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Putin Has a Bad Ukraine Problem: The Russian Military Is Running Out of Men

The Russian military is running out of men. In more than 14 months of combat, the Russian forces have lost hundreds of thousands of men killed or wounded.

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U.S. Military is in Serious Decline as China Rises

Speaking before a Joint Session of Congress President George Washington stated, “The surest way to preserve peace is to prepare for war,” unfortunately the Biden administration failed to understand this axiom, and his policies are contributing to the precipitous decline of the U.S. military.

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