Joe Biden’s Dangerous World

In the past three years, the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan, Russia invaded Ukraine, Hamas invaded Israel, China increased its pressure on Taiwan, the China-Russian partnership solidified, Houthi terrorists wreaked havoc on Red Sea shipping, Iran moved closer to obtaining a nuclear weapon, North Korea enhanced its intercontinental missile capacity, China and Russia modernized their nuclear forces, and illegal immigrants flooded the U.S. southern border. 

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Six months into Gaza war, Biden confronts the limits of U.S. leverage

At home, in what is already a contentious election year, Biden is stuck between a Republican Party demanding support for Israel at all costs, and increasing numbers of Democrats demanding he stop the steady stream of weapons sent to Jerusalem. His campaign stops are frequently disrupted by pro-Palestinian protests.

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GOP effort to stop illegal immigrants being counted for House districts, Electoral College shot down in Senate

An effort by Senate Republicans to stop non-citizens, including illegal immigrants, from being counted on the census for the purposes of apportionment for House seats and the Electoral College was shot down later Friday after the measure failed to gain the support of a single Democrat.

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China Is the World’s No. 1 Diplomatic Power, Ahead of the US, Report Shows

China is the world’s largest diplomatic power, with a wider presence across the globe than the United States, according to a new report shared with Newsweek.

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Needed Now: A Crash Program for US Defense Production

Despite spending close to a trillion dollars annully on defense the US is not prepared if and whn it enters into a conflict. To read more go to 

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Senate faces new test on Ukraine aid bill

A narrowly divided U.S. Senate will try to move closer to passing a $95.34 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan on Sunday, while hoping to show enough bipartisan support to propel the measure all the way through Congress.

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