Saudi Oil Attack Photos Implicate Iran, U.S. Says; Trump Hints at Military Action

The Trump administration intensified its focus on Iran Sunday as the likely culprit behind attacks on important Saudi Arabian oil facilities over the weekend, with officials citing intelligence assessments to support the accusation and President Trump warning that he was prepared to take military action.

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Taliban Vows to Fight on after Trump Says Talks are ‘Dead’

The Taliban on Tuesday vowed to continue fighting against US forces in Afghanistan after President Donald Trump said talks with the insurgents were “dead”, saying Washington would regret abandoning negotiations.

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How Trump’s Plan to Secretly Meet with the Taliban Came Together, and Fell Apart

On the Friday before Labor Day, President Trump gathered top advisers in the Situation Room to consider what could be among the profound decisions of his presidency — a peace plan with the Taliban after 18 years of grinding, bloody war in Afghanistan.

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In Europe, U.S. Defense Secretary Calls for Greater Effort to Counter China, Russia

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper, in his first major speech, on Friday called for a greater European focus on tackling what he called growing security and economic threats from China and Russia.

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Not ‘Optional’: Top Lawmaker Demands US Envoy for Taliban Talks Tesify

The Trump administration’s point man for negotiations with the Taliban could soon face a subpoena to testify before Congress about his work as a top lawmaker demands a September hearing.

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U.S. Cyberattack Hurt Iran’s Ability to Target Oil Tankers, Officials Say

A secret cyberattack against Iran in June wiped out a critical database used by Iran’s paramilitary arm to plot attacks against oil tankers and degraded Tehran’s ability to covertly target shipping traffic in the Persian Gulf, at least temporarily, according to senior American officials.

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