North Korea Reminds U.S. of Year-End Deadline with Missle Test

North Korea test-launched another volley of what appeared to be short-range ballistic missiles, in a show of firepower that reminded the U.S. of Kim Jong Un’s threat to walk away from nuclear talks in the new year.

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North Korea Launches Two Projectiles into Sea, Japan and South Korea Say

North Korea fired two projectiles, possibly missiles, into the sea between the Korean peninsula and Japan on Thursday, according to the Japanese coast guard and South Korea's military.

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As Kurds Tracked ISIS Leader, U.S. Withdrawal Threw Raid Into Turmoil

When the international manhunt for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State, zoomed in on a village in northwestern Syria, the United States turned to its local allies to help track the world’s most-wanted terrorist.

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With Baghdadi in thier Sights, U.S. Troops Launched a ‘Dangerous and Daring Nightime Raid’

As President Trump and senior advisers settled into the Situation Room on Saturday evening, elite U.S. forces more than 6,000 miles away launched one of the most significant counterterrorism operations in the campaign against the Islamic State.

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More Russian Military Police Arrive in Syria Under Peace Deal With Turkey

Around 300 more Russian military police have arrived in Syria, the defense ministry said on Friday, under an accord between Ankara and Moscow which halted Turkey's military incursion into northeast Syria.

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10 Questions to Ask About Trump’s Removal of Troops From Syria

The U.S. foreign policy establishment has gone into meltdown mode since President Trump announced last week a withdrawal of several dozen troops from a corridor in northern Syria. American forces had been there since 2014, joined with a Kurdish splinter group to fight the notorious Sunni Arab terrorist organization, the Islamic State (ISIS).

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