By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

One of the hallmarks of a functioning Democracy is a free and independent media free from government interference or control, but recently the media and political pundits have engaged in advocacy journalism devoid of facts on numerous issues which have national implications.

The last two months have been an embarrassing moment for the press and for political pundits, as we learned during the trial of Hunter Biden that the laptop was authenticated in a federal court as being legitimate and not part of some elaborate Russian disinformation campaign.

This all transpired during the trial of President Biden’s son, before the trail we were told the laptop was part of some elaborate Russian disinformation campaign, and even 51 senior intelligence officials signed a letter authenticating this was in fact the case.

Biden then repeated this claim in a presidential debate with President Trump in 2020, to avoid answering any questions over the massive influence peddling operation that was revealed and found on the laptop.

The famous Russian dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn who had been exiled to the west, spoke at Harvard University in 1978 stated, “What sort of responsibility does a journalist or a newspaper have to his readers, or to his history — or to history? If they have misled public opinion or the government by inaccurate information or wrong conclusions, do we know of any cases of public recognition and rectification of such mistakes by the same journalist or the same newspaper? It hardly ever happens because it would damage sales. A nation may be the victim of such a mistake, but the journalist usually always gets away with it.”

The failure to report on this story greatly impacted a presidential election!

The media has failed in its basic ethics in journalism as they never cared to ask even the very basic rudimentary questions surrounding the laptop, if they had they would have found out the FBI had concluded a year prior to its authenticity.

Only now are they grudgingly admitting that the laptop is in fact real!

How about for years we were told by the media and pundits alike the origins of COVID-19 was from a pathogen coming off an animal, and ridiculed anyone who suggested an alternate theory it may have come from a Chinese lab. Even a New York Times reporter who reported on the story called it racist and implausible. Now U.S. federal agencies, and even the World Health Organization (WHO) are accepting the plausibility it originated in a lab and inadvertently leaked out either by accident or on purpose.


Crickets by the media as they move on to a different story!

Just examine the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision which ruled how the Justice Department had unlawfully charged hundreds of U.S. citizens with obstructing an official Congressional proceeding after the January 6th riot. Ever since that day, all of these cases were treated by the media and political pundits were denounced as being unjust and unconstitutional by an over zealous justice department, now even the Supreme Court agreed to toss the convictions, with the liberal Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson agreeing to toss out these convictions.

Nothing from the media and the political pundits, who yet again got it wrong!

How many other stories have the media and political pundits got wrong, remember the false reporting about agents whipping migrants in Texas, when even the photographer who took the photo said never happened, but the media still ran with it as fact.

Examine the photo op claim in Lafayette Park, which the Inspector General of the Interior Department stated never happened. All these stories continue with the media never admitting they lied and pushed a false story.

How many times have heard the media, pundits, Democrats to include President Biden continue to push that Trump had called neo-Nazis “fine people.” From the very beginning Trump condemned the racists and neo-Nazis, when in fact he had stated that there are fine people on both sides of the historic statue removal controversy.

This was known at the time, six years later the left-leaning Snopes fact checking had just confirmed that Trump never praised neo-Nazis as fine people. Read the transcripts and watch the video, but false reporting was better for ratings then the truth.

President Biden still to this day repeats this false story!

Just examine how the media and political pundits sounded before the 1st presidential debate between President Biden and former President Donald Trump. Anyone who reported or showed videos of Biden looking confused and feeble were called out for promoting “cheap Fake” videos to make the president look bad.

Early this year Special Counsel Robert Hur cited his decline as a reason for not charging him criminally for the unlawful retention and mishandling of classified material, by reporting his decision no to prosecute was that a jury would look at Biden with sympathy as a “elderly man with a poor memory.”

Hur was attacked mercilessly as a partisan in order to make Biden look bad.

On Thursday’s night debate the nation saw first had what the media and pundits were failing in their journalistic duties by showing that Biden had a disastrous debate and showed the nation and the world his feebleness and incoherent speech and showed everything Hur had reported on.

For a functioning Democracy to survive we need a free and independent media, right now America doesn’t have it!