Polls Open in Crucial U.K. Election as Brexit Hangs in the Balance

Millions of voters headed to the polls across the United Kingdom on Thursday for the country’s third nationwide general election in less than five years.

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Iran Will Bypass U.S. Sanctions or Overcome Them Through Talk-Rouhani

Iran will overcome U.S. sanctions by either bypassing them or through negotiations, and it will not cross its red lines in any talks with arch-adversary Washington, President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday.

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France Braces for Further Strikes Over Pension Changes

French unions are staging a second round of mass street demonstrations as the country entered its sixth day of a nationwide strike and transport standstill over proposed plans to change the pensions system.

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In Britain’s ‘Appalling election, Voters in the Middle Don’t Like Either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn

By the standards of British elections, the weekend rally at the Mermaid Theatre here was stunning — as two former prime ministers, the Conservative John Major and Labour’s Tony Blair, told voters they didn’t need to back candidates from their parties in Thursday’s election.

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Russia, Turkey Working on New S-400 Missile Contract: Interfax Citing Official

Russia and Turkey are working on a contract for the delivery of a new batch of Russian S-400 missile systems, the Interfax news agency cited a senior official at a Russian military cooperation agency as saying on Friday.

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With Internal Squabbling on vivid Display, What’s Next for NATO?

When President Trump left the NATO gathering early and in a huff on Wednesday, it only reinforced the fear that with America distracted and retreating, the West’s celebrated alliance has lost focus.

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