Iran says it’s ready for talks if U.S. apologises over nuclear pact

Iran would be open to talks with the United States if Washington apologises for exiting a 2015 nuclear deal and compensates Tehran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday, cautioning that U.S. calls for discussions were insincere.

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Ending America’s Grand Strategic Failures

It is all too tempting for Americans to focus on the Coronavirus crisis, the pandemic’s impact on the U.S. economy, and the existing levels of racism revealed by the killing of George Floyd. The fact remains, however, that the U.S. is still facing equally serious challenges in national security. The U.S. may be spending more on defense, but it lacks a meaningful and well-focused approach to strategy, force planning, and dealing with its strategic partners in virtually every area of national security.

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Senate confirms new Air Force chief of staff in historic, unanimous vote

Gen. Charles Q. Brown will become the first black service member to lead an American military branch after lawmakers on Tuesday voted to make him the Air Force’s 22nd chief of staff.

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North destroys inter-Korean liaison office as tensions rise

North Korea has confirmed it destroyed an inter-Korean liaison office on Tuesday, as it continued to dial up pressure against rival South Korea amid stalled nuclear negotiations with the Trump administration.

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Two years after Trump-Kim summit, North Korea voices despair, vows to build military

On the second anniversary of President Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un in Singapore, North Korea’s foreign minister said hope had given way to despair and relations between the two countries had descended into a “dark nightmare,” and vowed to bolster the country’s military might to counter U.S. threats.

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ISIS Attacks Surge in Iraq Amid Debate on U.S. Troop Levels

The assailants came at dusk, creeping on foot through the dusty palm groves near the Tigris River, armed only with a rocket-propelled grenade, a light machine gun and Kalashnikovs. They had laid roadside bombs to kill anyone who rushed to help the unsuspecting local guards, who were in their sights.

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