By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

All through the 2020 presidential election the American people were told about Joe Biden’s vast foreign policy experience and how his decades of service in Washington gave him the mastery of world affairs and would restore America to its leadership perch on the global stage after the wreckage left by the presidency of Donald Trump; well how is that working out?

Let’s examine the world the past two years under a Biden presidency.

Just this month French President Emmanuel Macron began a trip to China, all the while simultaneously dismissing the United States, stating that Europe needs to distance themselves from America, reduce dependency on the dollar and not get dragged into a confrontation with China over Taiwan.  This coming from America’s longest ally!

China continues to mock the United States despite overtures by the Biden administration, and the president continues to view Beijing as competitors instead as an adversary.

Now we are hearing talk of discarding the dollar as the global currency, which would have severe ramifications for the American economy.

As Biden talks about crippling sanctions on Russia, why then are Japan and India still accepting Russian oil?

With the latest intelligence leaks we learned that Egypt was allegedly secretly planning to send military rockets to Russia to be used against Ukraine.

This month alone we witnessed the president of Brazil travel to China, secure a trade deal with Beijing utilizing the Chinese’s yuan as the currency of choice, and the Brazilian president calls his partnership with President Xi Jinping a “beautiful relationship”?

The only Democracy in the Middle East Israel is facing withering attacks from all sides.

Turkey a member of NATO, is now threatening fellow NATO member Greece, and preventing another country Sweden from joining the alliance.

Since Biden assumed the presidency there have been nonstop belligerent Chinese threats toward Taiwan?

The Middle East where so much American blood and treasure has been spent we witnessed Saudi Arabia concluded a new pact with Iran brokered by China.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine Russian President Vladimir Putin has continued to rattle the use of potentially using tactical nuclear weapons.

Why is Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador allowing China to use his country as a staging ground for the importation of Fentanyl into the U.S., and also pushing millions of illegals into the United States.

This is only a small sampling what a Biden foreign policy looks like over the past two years, but also examine how his policies that have made America look weak and feckless on the world stage.

In August of 2021, Biden abruptly pulled all U.S. forces out of Afghanistan despite military commanders cautioning against this move. In the vacuum left behind the U.S. abandoned hundreds of Americans and thousands of pro-American Afghans who served diligently alongside U.S. military forces. With Biden’s ill-fated withdrawal he abandoned billions of U.S. military equipment to the Taliban, and $1 billion embassy in Kabul, with all this the Biden administration still calls this a proud moment in time.

The recent testimony by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction reported to Congress this month that everything the Biden administration stated about the pullout from Afghanistan is wrong and the IG’s belief U.S. aid may still be flowing to the Taliban.

Early this year the Biden Administration allowed a Chinese high-altitude spy balloon to fly across the entire United States, which facilitated China the ability to spy on key American military installations. When China was confronted with this, Beijing responded with defiance and blamed the U.S. for escalating the situation, this despite the Biden administration and the Pentagon lying about the extent of Chinese surveillance of various top-secret installations.

Just weeks into the Biden presidency, The U.S. administrations national security leadership led by Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with their Chinese counterparts in Anchorage, Alaska, and were met with a fiery barrage of indignation at America leaving Blinken and other’s stunned, but the U.S. delegation remained silent! The Chinese representtives lectured American national security officials of the hypocrisy and weakness of America, and the U.S. delegation remained silent and muted and never refuted the relentless attack.

Throughout the 2020 presidential campaign Biden stated that if elected president he would send a team to Wuhan, China the epicenter of the coronavirus, since becoming president he has not sent a team nor has he even brought up the issues with the Chinese president, this despite the virus which was responsible for the killing of over one million Americans.

The Biden has shown weakness toward the Chinese and no matter how much Biden touted that Putin feared him over anyone rang hallow as Russia in the summer of 2021 cyber-attack the U.S. which drew only a muted response with only asking the Russian leader to leave certain critical American infrastructure off-limits.

This lack of respect toward Biden by Putin led him to believe that he could invade Ukraine without much push back from the U.S., just like when he invaded Crimea under the Obama presidency. When he was preparing to invade Ukraine Biden’s initial response was on whether the Russians conducted a “minor incursion.”

With all the foreign policy experience Biden had before becoming president just examine the juvenile way the president has dealt with Saudi Arabia. Ever since becoming president, Biden has insulted and berated Saudi Arabia’s leader Muhammad bin Salman, then when oil prices spiked to record high went to the Kingdom begging him to increase production which he failed to do.

All through 2021, the Biden administration has been all in and doing everything it can do by giving concession after concession to Iran in an effort to re-start the Iran nuclear deal, this coming at a time when Tehran has joined the new axis of evil by joining China and Russia in a new geostrategic alliance.

Just examine how the Biden administration has treated Israel, first by restoring aid to the corrupt radical Palestinians, and publicly and privately shaming the current Israeli government.

Examine how Biden has handled the U.S. Southern border and the massive influx of illegal immigration into the Unite States, in 2020 there was just over 400,000, but under the current administration close to 2 million in 2021 and over 2 million in 2022.

The Biden administration has removed every Trump era immigration policy that curbed illegal immigration and under Biden millions have streamed across the border. Speaking with various federal law enforcement agencies that have responsibility on immigration have stated the Biden policies have been a disaster.

With a wide open border fentanyl has poured into the U.S. resulting in the deaths of over 100,000 Americans a year, and Biden has nothing on this issue nor has he pushed back on the Mexican cartels who are vacillating this with Chinese cooperation.

The Biden administration woke agenda has severely crippled the U.S. military who are now 50% short in its annual recruitment quotas, with the defense budget not keeping pace with rising inflation, and then factor in the massive intelligence leak from the pentagon.

As we now begin to enter the summer driving season energy prices are spiking and the Biden administration since upon entering office has embarked on his push for a “green new deal” that takes America from energy independence to energy dependence which has the U.S. relying on China for rare earth minerals for electric vehicles he is mandating the country switch to. A utility public policy think tank “Power the Future” reports the rush toward green energy is leaving the U.S. vulnerable to blackouts as more natural gas plants are coming off line and not being replaced fast enough by wind and solar. This will have major implications for the U.S. economy.

For all the foreign policy experience Biden states he has, he has been a disaster on foreign policy by alienating our allies and emboldens our adversaries, the sad part he doesn’t see it nor do Democrats.

Biden’s failure is America’s pain!