By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

One of the most underreported stories the media has failed to report or cover is that this summer large segments of the country will be facing potential blackouts due to the lack of available energy.

In an annual assessment from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), reported that the nation’s energy grids are unprepared to meet the needs of power to generate air conditioners, medical devices, lights and other vital resources as nearly two thirds of the country are at an “elevated risk” for power loss.

Energy Wire reported that NERC, found that the number of regions with an “elevated risk” of power shortages has increased when temperatures rise, this coupled with the retirement of energy power plants and the lack of wind and solar to make up the difference. In a worst-case scenario the U.S. endures a severe heatwave and with unexpected power generation outages, the western United States, most of Texas and the Carolinas potentially face a heightened risk of rolling power blackouts.

The main cause of the lack of energy is the early retirement of fossil fuel plants and the lack of more environmental friendly alternatives such as wind and solar have led to the destabilization of the nation’s energy grid, coupled with a very fragile collection of transfer stations and transmission lines already challenged by a lack of governmental capital investment.

The question that has not been asked is how will President Biden responded to this potential crisis?

Instead of addressing the problem President Biden and the Democratic Party have made the situation worse with their “Green New Deal” environmental policies. Biden will be exacerbating the shortage of energy by proposing a new set of standards by the EPA that places the burden on oil, natural gas, and coal plants used in vehicles and the power sector to cut back on U.S. greenhouse emission by 90% by 2030.

This is an impossible goal to reach as existing technology doesn’t presently exist to meet the proposed new regulations therefore they will be forced to shut down production just as the U.S. needs these power plants the most.

Biden’s proposed new rule would go even further then was proposed by President Obama who let the states set their own pollution limits, but unfortunately was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court as being to ambitious as states can’t set standards for other states to follow.

The question which has not been asked of President Biden by the media, if the nation’s electric grid can’t meet the needs right now how are they going to meet the demand when natural gas plants go offline? What picks up the slack when wind and solar can’t meet America’s energy requirements?

Ever since Biden assumed the presidency in 2021, his administration has perused with a singular focus of implementing the Democrats “New Green Deal,” no matter the impact on America and the U.S. economy.

The policies being implemented by Biden and the Democrats are making America extremely dependent on unreliable energy sources, that have continue to strain the electric grid, which in turn cause rolling blackouts all over the country, and are responsible for a 40% increase in energy costs.  This past December, over ten states experienced blackouts due to the fact the electric grid strained to meet demand.

Far too often Democrats who have aligned themselves with environmentalists consistently overlook the fact that a modern economy such as the United States relies on fossil to power its economic engine.  No matter how much they believe wind and solar will be the answer, unfortunately, what do you do if the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine?

You need an alternative that is reliable, but with the retiring of natural gas power plants, as energy demand surges in a heatwave that always occurs throughout the summer, with wind and solar unable to meet demand you are then left with blackouts.

Biden and the Democratic Party seem to have failed to learn from the example in Europe who were far ahead of the United State in the pursuit of renewable energy as it was a unmitigated disaster as they were unable to meet the demands needed and were forced to return to fossil fuels.

Just examine Germany, who persuade renewable energy with a vengeance, abandoned their natural gas plants, and other forms of fossil fuel, because of the failure of green technology they then had to revert back, and now a third of its electricity comes from coal-fired power plants.

There couldn’t be a better example of the emphasis on alternative energy then in California, who has placed wind and solar above fossil fuel.  Just last summer the California Air Resource Board is now requiring that all new cars that are sold in California have to be free of greenhouse emissions by 2035, in its zeal to fight climate change.

Days after the California Air Resource Board issued its new ruling the California Independent System Operator (Cal ISO) asked California residents not to charge their electric vehicles during peak hours in an effort to conserve electricity.

Since that time, numerous power plants have been taken offline to the burdensome regulatory mandates by California State’s government, and it will be equally problematic this summer if there is a heatwave.

California will not be able to generate enough power from wind and solar alone, and will have to rely on western states to fill the void, but if they face the same issue they will not be able to transfer energy needed to alleviate California’s energy shortage.

This is the future for America!

Former California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore stated last summer, ” I would argue it’s the wrong path, but look at this issue with the electric vehicles. I think it’s very interesting that California only has 600,000 electric vehicles on the road today out of about 20 million or so operational. If they ban internal combustion engines, you’re looking at about 2 million new electric vehicles a year and they can’t even handle 600,000. You’re looking at about 14% of California’s grid dedicated to electric vehicles when people come home from working. And if all those cars charge at the same time, that’s about one-seventh of what the grid is requiring to operate in those evening hours where things are real tight. I think we’re getting a glimpse into the future if we go all-electric and people are just constantly underestimating the enormous amount of electricity needed to make this happen.”

Even then House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) who tweeted out that “California is now telling people to ‘avoid using large appliances and charging electric vehicles’ from 4-9pm. This coming from a state that is forcing everyone to buy electric cars by 2035,

This is what Democrat control looks like—and they want it nationwide. What a joke.”

CalMatter’s Nadia Lopez wrote, “Under a groundbreaking new state regulation, 35% of new 2026 car models sold in California must be zero-emissions, ramping up to 100% in 2035. Powering these vehicles and electrifying other sectors of the economy means the state must triple its power generation capacity and deploy new solar and wind energy at almost five times the pace of the past decade.”

As Biden and Democrats consistently push for the electrification of America and electric cars no one has asked the president where will all the rare earth minerals come from to electrify the country especially those used in electric cars? Everyone who is mandating electric vehicles need to be asked these questions? Point for everyone to know, America doesn’t mine any of these elements?

Much of these rare earth mineral come from China and various third world countries that have dubious environmental records and often use child labor, so far no one in the mainstream media have asked Biden or any Democrat who espouse this green agenda.

America will face a long hot summer!