By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

With the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling, overturning race based admissions policies Democrats angrily condemned this action as a return to the “Jim Crow” era of American history, without fully addressing the reason why black & Hispanic students fail to gain entrance to elite colleges and universities.

All the focus has been on race, even during arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court over affirmative action, Harvard University Attorney Seth Waxman argued and struggled to articulate the issue of race as not being the main factor especially with regard to Asian students as it only produced a “slight disparity” and “had no effect with respect to outcomes.”

Now it seems after this ruling, Democrats have reversed previously held statements and now are voicing without considering race, minority applicants will drop significantly.

What Democrats fail to realize or will never admit, as this would be a blow to their benefactors in the teachers union, if you want to improve the chances for more black and Hispanic students to attend these elite universities then you have to overhaul the k-12 public school system.

Just recently, The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) issued a report for the school year of 2022-23, with the average scores for 13-year-olds declined 4 points in reading and 9 points in mathematics compared to the previous assessment administered during the 2019–20 school year. Compared to a decade ago, the average scores declined 7 points in reading and 14 points in mathematics.

This follows previous educational assessments, but the real disparities are being felt by families of black and Hispanic children. In this same report 92% of Black 13-year old children are not proficient at grade level in math. Where were the outrage and the protests?

Why not give black and Hispanic families greater choice on where to send their children by giving them great opportunities at better schools, just like many Democrats have had for their children. Democrats have a choice and elect to send their children to private schools, as former President Barack Obama’s children have attended private schools their entire life.

Obama was always against school choice and emphatic supporter of public schools except for his own children.

One of the first official acts on becoming president, Obama ended the scholarship program for black children in the failing Washington DC public school system so they could now attend the same private school both his daughters were enrolled in, instead they were forced back.

Right now the DC public school system has a student achievement gap for black and Hispanic students around where 80% are not proficient in math or English, despite a per pupil public spending of $22,800 one of the highest in the nation, and has only gone higher

Instead of focusing on this dismal educational disparity Obama and the Democratic Party focus only on race.

Right after the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling, Obama quickly issued a statement, “Like any policy, affirmative action wasn’t perfect. But it allowed generations of students like Michelle and me to prove we belonged. Now it’s up to all of us to give young people the opportunities they deserve — and help students everywhere benefit from new perspectives.”

Incidentally he sent the tweet while on vacation in the Greek Islands.

Former first lady Michelle Obama said in a separate statement that “my heart breaks for any young person out there who’s wondering what their future holds — and what kinds of chances will be open to them.”

It’s very interesting to note that if the Obama’s cared so much about the opportunities for black and Hispanic children, why have they continued to allow Democrat-run schools to severely underserve these children of color to deepen while he served as president?

Even the progressive Mayor of Chicago Brandon Johnson, who incidentally was a lobbyist for the Chicago Teachers Union, now is the chief surrogate for the union stated, “Affirmative action was a means by which generations of children were allowed access to institutions, access to ideas, and access to cultures that a wicked system of discrimination had long excluded them from.”

Just examine the record of a city that has been exclusively run and operated by Democrats for almost 100 years, a city that denies black and Hispanic students a fundamental right to a first tier education one that the Obama children were privileged to receive.

The Chicago Public School system has only 20% of students reading a grade level, and only 16% do math at grade level, yet this same system is clamoring for more funding!

Even the largest civil rights organization with its President of the NAACP Derrick Johnson stated, “Today has proven what we already knew – we are dealing with a rogue ‘Supreme’ Court that has bowed a knee to an extremist minority. Now, it’s up to every institution in this country, from colleges to corporations, to embrace diversity, no matter what.”

Interesting both the Obama’s and the NAACP said nothing when The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reported that only 8% of black 13-year old children are performing at grade level in math. Where’s the outrage over this statistic!

The NAACP incidentally is headquartered in Baltimore, and has a mission to achieve equity, political rights, and social inclusion by advancing policies and practices that expand human and civil rights, eliminate discrimination, and accelerate the well-being, education, and economic security of black people and all persons of color.

Has anyone in the NAACP leadership been outside and truly seen the Baltimore city school system, did they examine the report by the Maryland Department of Education that 23 schools in the city of Baltimore had zero students who tested proficient in math. The schools in question included 10 high schools, eight elementary schools, three Middle/High schools and two Elementary/Middle schools. In the report Maryland found that 2,000 students who took the state test could not do math at grade level.

Added in the report were 20 schools had only one student who could pass the math proficiency at grade level. Further data shows that 41 percent of students in the Baltimore system have a 1.0 (D) GPA or less, this is coming from a Baltimore city school district where 75% of the students are black.

The city of Baltimore is ranked in the top three cities for per pupil spending at close to $22,000, yet over 70% of black and Hispanic children are not reading to grade level.

What’s worse is Baltimore Superintendent of Public Education Dr. Sonja Santelises, last year received a raise with a total compensation package of over $444,000, what was the metric for this considering the deplorable educational results standards for the city’s children; with the vast amount impacting children of color?

What metric was used in Santelises for receiving a raise? Where was the state of Maryland in educational oversight, as this couldn’t have been a singular aberration, but something that was years in the making.

Where was the NAACP, where were the Obama’s, Oprah, Al Sharpton, Balck Lives Matterall the civil rights leaders, all the social justice professional athletes and entertainers; all were silent!

Examine California, where the Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom utters race into every aspect of public policy, but when it comes to the education of black and Hispanic children his rhetoric belays a different result.  A report by the Public Policy Institute of California showed that well over 70% of black and Hispanic students are deficient at grade level in both math and English.

Newsom is a huge proponent of public schools, except for his children who attend a prestigious private school. Even during the pandemic his children were receiving in-person learning, while six million California school children were forced to learn at home via zoom, he didn’t want to force the issue so as not to antagonize his donor base, the California Teachers Union. I guess there is one standard for you, but not for my children!

This failed metric is repeated all over the country, Democrats’ answer to alleviate this disparity is to diminish the educational standards. The Democratic Governor of Oregon signed legislation removing any testing requirements to graduate high school, as this will help black and Hispanic children. Instead of raising standards Democrats believe black and Hispanic children are not intelligent enough to pass these exams.

Across the country, SAT college admissions exams are being removed in the guise of equity.

Democrats always focus primarily on race, especially during an election, but their track record for helping black and Hispanic students has been a dismal failure! A question not asked is what about Asian-Americans who have to score far higher than their black and Hispanic peers to gain entrance into these elite universities?

In the Harvard Crimson, over the period from 1995 to 2018, Asian-American applicants to Harvard earned an average SAT score of 726. White applicants earned an average score of 713, Native-American and Native-Hawaiian applicants an average score of 658, Hispanic-American applicants a score of 650, and African-American applicants a score of 622.

Across the same time span, Asian-Americans saw the lowest acceptance rate of any racial group, according to a Crimson analysis of the same dataset. White applicants saw the second-lowest acceptance rate and African-American applicants saw the highest acceptance rate.

Do Asian-Americans students matter?

Instead of focusing primarily on race the question should be asked why do Asian-American’s do better academically then all other ethnic groups?

Let’s examine a report by the left leaning Brookings Institute in August 2017, which found that Asian-Americans do far more homework than any other ethnic group with black students doing the least amount of homework.

The real question that has never been asked is why Democrats don’t favor school choice by allowing families to decide where their children are taught, how they are taught and what they are taught, and why Democrats have a choice for their families but not for everyone else?

Democrats talk about helping black and Hispanic children, but maybe the real guise is if you keep someone uneducated they can’t find out the truth, and if you keep blacks and Hispanics poor you have reliable voters. Democrats are having blacks and Hispanics in substandard public schools leaving them uneducated and poor so they are always dependent on government and will always vote Democratic to keep the benefits flowing.

The very organizations such as the NAACP, and individuals such as the Obama’s, Oprah, Al Sharpton, Black Lives Matter, all the civil rights leaders, including all the social justice professional athletes and entertainers, maybe the reason they are silent is that they gain financial and power generated from the suffering of their own community!