By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

Chaos at U.S. southern border as thousands of illegal migrants steam across after Title 42 has expired all the while President Biden remains mum on the consequences for the nation and the communities greatly affected by his indecision and polices.

Title 42, was a Trump-era policy implemented during the early stages of the COVID pandemic which deterred and prevented illegal border crossings due to health concerns, this ended on midnight Thursday which then sent a signal for thousands of illegals to cross into the U.S. via through Mexico.

At the end of last week over 83,000 illegal migrants have crossed into the U.S. southern border setting a record, each year the Biden administration has shattered the numbers of illegals entering the country in each of his two years as president.

At the end of the Trump presidency, only 450,000 entered illegally, but as soon as Biden assumed the presidency the numbers jumped to 1.8 million in 2021, and 2.3 million in 2022, this doesn’t count the gotaway’s. In all a total of over 6 million illegals have entered the U.S. in the first two years of the Biden presidency, and will reach over 3 million this year.

Since Biden assumed the presidency in January 2021, he reversed every border security mechanism that was placed to secure the border by President Trump, and he did submit a comprehensive immigration reform measure, unfortunately this was only a progressive bill that only helped to process illegal migrants into the U.S.

Biden continually blames Republicans and Congress for the mess at the U.S. southern border, but he and the Democrats have done virtually nothing to push for comprehensive immigration reform the past two years despite controlling all levers of power in Washington.

Since January, Everyone knew that Title 42 was set to end on May 11th, and still the Biden administration still failed to provide a plan.

It has been easy for Biden and Democrats to blame red state governors in Texas, Arizona, and Florida for the crisis at the border, but that calculation changed dramatically when they started busing the illegal migrants to blue states and cities. The blue state governors and mayor vigorously complained they don’t have the resources to handle all the illegals.

It’s interesting that these same blue state governors are outraged that red state governors would send illegal migrants to their states and cities, but were completely silent when Biden did the same thing, especially in the middle of the night.

Even though the media is completely silent on this issue, but this has been getting some traction as these illegal migrants are now completely overwhelming the services in blue states and cities, and recently the citizens have been protesting the acceptance of these illegals.

Whether anyone wants to admit this or not especially those in the media who have failed to cover this and for the Democrats but they own this entire illegal migrant issue and they can blame no one but themselves for this calamity.

Biden had two years to have plan in place once Title 42 was to expire but did nothing but only giving platitudes that the border was secure. His Director of Homeland Security Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas routinely had testified before the House and Senate and always stated the border was secure when everyone knew it was not.

For two years the Democrats and the Biden administration did nothing to secure the border except welcome these illegals with open arms and rail against anyone who stated otherwise.

This was all predictable, beginning with the first Democratic presidential debate in June, 2021, when the moderator asked each candidate if your healthcare plan would cover illegal immigrants, remember each presidential candidate raised their hand in hand in affirmative, this included Joe Biden.

Biden was even quoted throughout the campaign regarding those trying to enter the U.S., “Come one, come all,” come they did by the millions.

Throughout the presidency of Donald Trump, every Democrat in both the House and the Senate pushed back with every tool possible to include legal roadblocks against any immigration policy that was placed to secure the U.S. southern border.

Once elected president, Biden removed all the Trump era barriers to illegal immigrant entry into the U.S., as was predictable millions crossed into the country and now the U.S. is expected to feed, clothe, house and provide medical care for millions of illegal immigrants.

When Trump was president, Democrats would routinely block or protest any attempt to secure the southern border, blue states and cities would routinely compete with each other to see who could be the most radical by declaring themselves a sanctuary haven for illegals.

All these cities and states would bar any local law enforcement from even assisting or turning over any illegal immigrant to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) they had in custody.

Where were the Democrats when 80,000 immigrant children could not be accounted for or the hundreds of thousands of women and young girls who have been sexually assaulted and Trafficked coming into America?

What about all the fentanyl that has poured into the U.S. originating in China, through to the cartels in Mexico then pushed into America by the illegal migrants, dead silence by Democrats and Biden.

Where are the Democrats that allow millions of illegals to be subjected to the cartels who have enriched themselves of the back of these immigrants?

Remember Vice President Kamala Harris was given the task by Biden to be the border Czar, she visited the border one time in 2021, and also visited Central America just one, she always stated “We will address the problem at its source.” How’s that working.

Since then Harris has done nothing with the border nor has she been pressed by a complicit media or any Democrat in the House or Senate, all never pressed her on her status as border czar.

Just last week the Guatemalan president stated to a Congressional Representative that he tried in vain to reach Biden to let him know that 80,000 migrants are heading to the U.S. all to no avail.

The Democrats and Biden own this immigration crisis, and every blue state and city should now know be careful what you wish for you are not getting what you have always stated, “all are welcome.”

Now they are coming by the millions to your city and state!