By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

It’s been a week since President Biden gave his State of the Union Address to the nation; questions still remain on what the president said and what he didn’t say!

Media pundits and political analysts spent the better part of a week critiquing President Biden’s speech, but much of the analysis was centered around his confrontational remarks toward Republicans and less on substance.

The president spent much of his address pushing the moniker which could be a potential campaign slogan if and when he decides to run for reelection by repeating the phrase “too continue what we started.”

At the beginning of his address Biden stressed how his administration is doing everything they can and will continue to bring manufacturing back to America instead of being outsourced to other countries; especially China.

“For decades, the middle class has been hollowed out in more than — and not in one administration, but for a long time. Too many good-paying manufacturing jobs moved overseas. Factories closed down. Once-thriving cities and towns that many of you represent became shadows of what they used to be. And along the way, something else we lost: pride, our sense of self-worth.”

This one aspect of the president’s address was never analyzed by the media or political pundits, how would this be done, considering Biden who had been in the Senate since 1973, had voted and supported every policy initiative that outsourced American manufacturing to China.

How would he bring back American manufacturing when his administration has saddled U.S. businesses with burdensome regulations, imposed higher taxes, higher energy costs and has been down right toxic toward those same companies.

Just examine his comments towards U.S. energy companies.

“Have you noticed — Big Oil just reported its profits. Record profits. Last year, they made $200 billion in the midst of a global energy crisis. I think it’s outrageous.

Why? They invested too little of that profit to increase domestic production. And when I talked to a couple of them, they say, “We were afraid you were going to shut down all the oil wells and all the oil refineries anyway, so why should we invest in them?” I said, “We’re going to need oil for at least another decade, and that’s going to exceed…” — and beyond that. We’re going to need it. Production.

If they had, in fact, invested in the production to keep gas prices down — instead they used the record profits to buy back their own stock, rewarding their CEOs and shareholders.”

Why would energy companies invest in production, and oil refineries when the administration and Democrats in Congress have done everything in their power to make it more expensive for energy companies to increase production.

Democrats and the Biden administration have made obtaining capital for energy companies more expensive if they can get it, and have increased the regulatory burden on energy companies, but while they chastise U.S. energy companies the administration is begging other countries to increase oil production.

These countries include Middle Eastern countries, OPEC, and Venezuela, why encourage others to increase energy production but not in the U.S., when we can produce it more cleanly.

Why would any energy company invest in production when in ten years the administration and Democrats want them out of business?  This was a campaign promise by Biden in the 2020 presidential race.

The president again stated that he has brought down inflation from its record high of 9.1% in June of 2022, “Folks, inflation has been a global problem because the pandemic disrupted our supply chains, and Putin’s unfair and brutal war in Ukraine disrupted energy supplied as well as food supplies, blocking all that grain in Ukraine.”

If the war in Ukraine is the primary source of inflation, rising food prices and for disrupting supply chains, so the question is what is the president doing to end the conflict, when he barely mentioned the war in Ukraine. Nor did he address or level with the American people why we are sending massive amounts of military and financial resources to the beleaguered country.

This one segment of the address by the president that received the most attention and illicit a vocal response by Republicans when Biden stated, “Instead of making the wealthy pay their fair share, some Republicans — some Republicans want Medicare and Social Security to sunset.”

Biden stated he will veto any legislation that cut or end Medicare and Social Security, unfortunately no Republican has advocated this position, this was a false statement by the president. Missing from his remarks and never mention by Democrats or Biden is how would you preserve both entitlement programs?

In December the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported that The Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund would be exhausted in 2033, and the Disability Insurance Trust Fund would be exhausted in 2048. If the trust funds were combined, their exhaustion date would be in 2033.

Medicare will be insolvent in 2025, instead of demonizing Republicans what is President Biden’s proposal to make both programs solvent for future generations?

The final question which has not been asked of President Biden during his address is when he stated, “You know, when we made public education — 12 years of it — universal in the last century, we made the best-educated, best-paid — we became the best-education, best-paid nation in the world.”

How is this going to happen when Democrats and their surrogates in the teachers union forced the closure of the nation’s public schools and kept them closed when science stated otherwise. Other countries didn’t close schools but the U.S. did!

Missing from the Biden’s remarks was the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) or basically the nations report card on educational achievement showed that American children regressed back thirty years in educational achievement.

This despite spending $800 billion on education from funding from federal, state and local levels, and receiving billions in COVID relief funding, my question where did the money go and how was it spent?

An example of this lack of educational achievement can be found in the city of Baltimore where a highly disturbing statistic was released this month that showed 23 schools in Baltimore City had not one student who tested proficient in math. Those schools included 10 high schools, eight elementary schools, three Middle/High schools and two Elementary/Middle schools. In the state of Maryland found that 2,000 students who took the state test could not do math at grade level.

Other data shows another disturbing statistic that 41 percent of students in the Baltimore system have a 1.0 (D) GPA or less.

This despite that Baltimore is ranked in the top three in per capita spending in the country at close to $22,000, with a total annual budget for Baltimore public schools is roughly $1.2 billion. Where does all that money go?

The Baltimore Superintendent of Public Education Dr. Sonja Santelises, last year received a raise with a total compensation package of over $444,000, what was the metric for this considering the deplorable educational standards for the city’s children; with the vast amount children of color?

Even the nation’s largest metropolitan city of New York topped the per capita spending at $24,040 per kid, the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C. is close at $22,759, and the results are the same.

A lot of questions but little answers and none of these questions are being asked by the mainstream media; why!