By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

Nothing scares our allies more and emboldens our enemies more than a diminished declining America, but that is exactly what is transpiring right now with the presidency of Joe Biden.

The election of Joe Biden as President of the United States was supposed to usher in an administration that has the grown up’s in charge instead of the tumultuous presidency of Donald Trump, but instead of normalcy the American people are feeling the direct impact of a chaotic administration.

Ever since his inauguration, Biden has been fixated on re-shaping America, but many are wondering especially nations across the world is the U.S. crazy or in serious decline as the nation descends into civil war over woke ideology at home and retreat abroad.

Remember Joe Biden was celebrated by the media proclaiming him of having the most experienced political acumen of any president since President Truman, and was bringing the grown-ups back to re-build alliances that he believed had been tarnished by Trump.

This coming from a president who had decades of political experience dating back to when he first came to Washington in 1973, and during that time either chaired or was the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This coupled with his experience as Vice President for eight years under President Barack Obama.

Instead of reassuring the world that America was back, he has done everything possible to scare our allies and embolden our enemies of the nation’s decline.

Can you blame the rest of the world, the world witnessed the humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, where America abandoned our allies by leaving in the middle of the night without even bothering to tell them of our intentions. Left over $80 billion in weapons to the Taliban, left over a thousand Americans and Afghan’s that partnered with the U.S. behind, but also our allies had their own citizens trapped in Afghanistan.

Since his presidency began the world has witnessed America’s enemies thumb their nose at the U.S., with China becoming more aggressive especially as it relates to Taiwan, witness Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and finally an embolden Iran in the Middle East.

No matter how much Biden touts the devastating oil sanctions he imposed on Russia, America’s allies like Japan, and friends such as India are ignoring them by importing Russian energy.  The president still has not given any measurable strategy how the war ends, or how much support Ukraine will receive in the future.

The greatest strength of America has always been its economy, but since Biden assumed the presidency began a prolific spending spree that many economists who had served in previous Democratic administrations cautioned him that this would lead to higher inflation.

Biden didn’t listen and inflation jumped to a forty year high despite assurances from him and his entire economic team that it would only be transitory, it wasn’t! Inflation has been an anvil around the neck of Americans as they have to deal with rising grocery prices, higher energy costs and shortages of basic common commodities such as eggs and baby formula.

How is Biden inspiring confidence among U.S. allies when on a recent trip to Ireland he couldn’t even answer a basic question form a child and had to be rescued by his embattled son Hunter? Far too often Biden is never sure of where he is, who he is speaking to or even whom he is with. Our enemies are pouncing at this feeble leader in the White House.

Just examine what our allies and adversaries have witnessed the past two years of the Biden presidency, they saw a once mighty superpower suffer a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan by a peasant force.

Once America was forced out of Afghanistan it left billions in weapons to the terrorist Taliban, the world was stunned on the feeble response to Russian cyber-attack on the nation’s energy grid, then Biden wavered for months as Russia built up forces on Ukraine’s border in preparation to invade the country which eventually they did do.

The Biden administration has sent billions of dollars’ worth of weapons to Ukraine without any strategy to what Washington is trying to accomplish, all the while failing to increase America’s armaments production. Right now America does not have the resources or is it militarily prepared to meet the challenges coming from China.

The Biden administration is so focused on diversity, equity and inclusion the military is all consumed by woke ideology, just examine any media account and you will find the military is 50% below its recruiting goals.

Nothing is mentioned of new weapons that counter the military build-up by China, with various public policy think tanks conducting various war game scenarios against Beijing, with the U.S. either losing or winning a pyric victory with great loss of life and the destruction of dozens of capital ships including two aircraft carriers.

Many of the core recruits the U.S. reliably recruits from are reluctant to join as they don’t want to be associated with the progressive extremist ideology.

Right now we have Biden insulting Saudi Arabia then begging the Kingdom to produce more oil after having crippled America’s own energy sector. Now we have various nations to include France our longtime ally wanting to pull away from the dollar and move away from the United States.

China openly courts nations in our own hemisphere by signing a trade deal with Brazil and utilizing the yuan as the currency of choice. Other nations are openly talking about using other currencies such as the yuan as the world’s reserve currency.

The past two years China has belligerently spoke of war with the U.S., as it claims its sovereign right to the Taiwan Strait as its territorial waters, partners with Russia and secretly helps Moscow with its war in Ukraine.

This is only a small sampling how President Biden is presiding over the decline of America, despite coming from someone who has spent over forty years in Washington, if this is what experience gets us then America is in serious trouble.