John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

Far too long the political elites in Washington sit upon their ivory perches and look down with disdain on the working class people of America, mingling with the masses only during elections when they are forced by the constitution to do so, and this presidential election is no different.

Every two or four years the political elites descend from their exalted kingdom and descend into the heartland of America touting their working class roots, extolling their vast experience in solving what plagues America and attacking anyone or anything that disagrees with them.

All these political elites are cut from the same cloth; all attend the most prestigious Ivy League schools then upon graduation attach themselves like a leach to all levers of power in America. With the passage of time inbred themselves to each other at the same time enriching themselves at the expense of working class Americans.

These political elites believe in the superiority of their education and intellect and dismiss anyone who doesn’t come from their world; this is eerily reminiscent back in history how the establishment viewed Abraham Lincoln when he won the presidency in 1860 as an uncouth and uneducated individual from the western part of the country.

This is view of the working class by the elites is of utter contempt, Hawaii Democratic Senator reiterated this despicable view of working class Americans when she stated,  “We have to kind of tell everyone how smart we are, and so we have a tendency to be very left-brain.”

For decades the elites of both political parties have governed not what is in the best interest of America but what was in the best interest for themselves and their families.

Just examine how America’s manufacturing base which both political parties passed one-sided trade deals that transported U.S. manufacturing jobs overseas to China and other countries, all the while the nation’s manufacturing was hollowed out and middle class jobs were forever lost.

The current state of U.S. manufacturing is in a dismal state and America’s defense industrial base is in dire straits and if a conflict arises the nation will be ill-prepared to defend itself.

The coronavirus brought to the forefront how much medical and other supplies were needed to combat a once in a lifetime pandemic, America found to its horror that the U.S. didn’t produce the needed supplies as almost all of it had been outsourced overseas.

During the forced locked of the U.S. economy by the political elites they would send out edicts for the masses to follow but exempt themselves and their families, just follow the examples of Nancy Pelosi, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Michigan Governor  Gretchen Whitmer and other’s.  Examine how the political elites forced middle class businesses to shut down but allowed their mega donors in corporate America businesses being exempted for closure.

With the presidential election underway the political elites are fanning out across the country touting their vast experience in solving America’s problems. Let’s examine this track record?

At the beginning of the Biden administration we were told that inflation was transitory and temporary, would be back to its normal projection of 2% set by the Federal Reserve, unfortunately they were wrong it spiked to 9.1% in June of 2022; a forty year high.

It has come down since then but it’s still at a historical high, the president touts this often, but the latest report shows it heading back up, plus prices for housing, food and energy are impacting American family’s quality of life. Small businesses are directly feeling the impact, but the elites touted all the recent legislation which was passed, unfortunately this all helped corporate America, not small business which account for 60% of the U.S. economy.

What is not being reported by the state media is that more Americans are using retirement accounts and credit cards to pay for basic necessities.

The political elites tout their acumen when it comes to the U.S. economy, but few if any have actually run a business, and our current president has spent his entire adult life in governmental service and like the elites has enriched himself off the backs of working class Americans.

How did many of the nation’s political leaders accumulate wealth, remember Nancy Pelosi’s husband seems to buy stocks in companies right before that company signed a lucrative deal with the federal government.

What about the millions Hunter Biden made from his overseas business dealings which enriched the Biden family?

Just examine the state of the U.S. economy, the nation is $32 trillion in debt, the Democratic Party is doing everything in its power to move America to “green energy” further eroding the country’s ability to be energy independent; thus further ceding our dependence to China.

This shift is costing middle class American’s more in energy and utility cost plus making it difficult for small businesses to compete. The first official act of the Biden administration was the cancelation of the Keystone XL pipeline, but the jobs lost were blue collar working class jobs that paid on average of $80,000. These jobs weren’t in fiancé, the media, academics, or in government, so how are these workers doing now?

Where our these green jobs the administration keeps touting, these workers are still looking and most likely finding employment that pays half of what they originally made.

Both political parties have failed to address the looming crisis with Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid which are all going insolvent. In about nine years social security will be broke this impact millions of ordinary American’s yet the elites will be fine as they built their wealth off the backs of Americans.

America has a major homeless and crime crises, as in almost every major American city controlled by Democrats who often tout themselves as the champion of the working class and “people of color.” Nothing is being done, except spend more money and decriminalize individuals who commit crime, allowing them to reoffend. This is happening in all over in middle class neighborhoods, except where the elites live.

These same Democratic elites proudly and unequivocally support public education, except just not for their children who attend private schools, despite the fact they are tethered at the hip to the powerful teachers union.

This despite every educational report on academic achievement shows American children have regressed in reading and math and this is particularly acute for children of color with upward to 80% can’t read or do math to grade level. Where’s the outrage on the despicable nature of America’s educational system?

Even in international arena, the political elites sent the nation’s sons and daughters into foreign wars and haven’t won one. Why should they care their children are not part of the U.S. military that is for someone else’s children.

We have witnessed the humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan; countries are now pulling away from America and moving toward China.

The U.S. military can’t meet its recruiting goal; the country seems hell bent on embracing “woke” ideology instead of basing it on merit. The current administration came into office touted as the most experienced foreign policy since the Truman administration, what has that experience brought us? We are on the precipitate of a major confrontation with two nuclear powers, allies are unsure of stability of the U.S. as a reliable ally.

This only a small sampling of the how the political elites are destroying the fabric of America, does anyone wonder why the masses embrace a populist candidate?