By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Report”

One of the most consequential rights enshrined in the “Bill of Rights” which has always been the embodiment of the U.S. constitutional system is the freedom of speech, but lately that freedom we cherish is now under attack by individuals who are entrusted to protect it.

The question: do you support the first amendment and free speech, but only the one and not the other? This is the dilemma the country faces, as elected officials, say they support the first amendment, but are against free speech.

We just learned what everyone has long suspected, when Twitter CEO Elon Musk dumped a treasure trove of documents that showed that then Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and Democratic Party officials had succeeded in getting Twitter to block a New York Post article regarding Hunter Biden. Twitter and these same Democrats even had individual accounts suspended who tried to discuss or link any mention of the story.

Again the question needs to be asked do you support the first amendment and free speech, or do you support the first amendment but not free speech? Government officials are prohibited constitutionally from curtailing the first amendment, but what we have learned so far is that these Democratic officials utilized and colluded with Twitter to do what they are constitutionally barred from doing.

Ever since Elon Musk purchased Twitter and vowed to restore the company’s original mission of providing a free speech platform to all, and allow a free flow debate on issues, something Democrats used to adhere to.

Even former Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who also happened to be a former U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State has championed what others have advocate the “censor or die” campaign against Twitter.

Even with the intense pressure against Twitter, millions of individuals have begun signing up to the platform as the public is urging and wanting more free speech not less.

It’s strange that President Biden for all his rhetoric regarding Democracy and our constitutional republic has emerged as the most anti-free speech president since the presidency of John Adams.

It was only last week that a reporter was so threatened by millions of people signing up for twitter, that she felt compelled to press White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about this extreme development, but still demanded to know who is “keeping an eye on this” for possible federal action.

Possible federal action! Does this reporter understand the very precept of the U.S. constitution, or how would she feel if the government or the Republican Party restricted the freedom of the press?

It’s interesting that Biden is so concerned about Twitter restoring free speech to its platform, but when massive anti-government protests erupted all over China, which became the largest show of public dissent last seen since the Tiananmen Square protest in 1989; the president was silient!

Biden said nothing when Apple restricted its AirDrop use in China earlier in the month, which prevented a crucial communication tool that would have aided the protesters.

Why would the president be concerned about “keeping an eye on this,” with regard to Twitter when they have not said anything about Apple AirDrop, the file-sharing feature on iPhones and other Apple devices, has helped protestors in many authoritarian countries evade censorship. That’s because AirDrop relies on direct connections between phones, forming a local network of devices that don’t need the internet to communicate. People can opt into receiving AirDrops from anyone else with an iPhone nearby.

Now these same public officials are pressuring corporations to withdraw advertising revenue in order to force Musk to change his direction at Twitter. Clinton and others are now pushing this anti-free speech movement toward foreign governments.

Since Democrats can’t convince users to embrace the censorship of Twitter, they are doing the next best thing by having Google and Apple push a campaign in having the app removed from their stores, and withholding advertisements to Twitter!

A lingering question needs to be asked, as to why would political, business and the media establishment are so terrified of Musk restoring free speech at Twitter?  Could it be they are afraid of their erosion of their power, this is why Biden and Democrats are supporting a wide range of investigations.  Biden and Democrats have established a precedent that if you continue you do so at your peril.

This process is extremely disturbing especially when Politico’s Sam Stein warned Musk that it is “[a]lways risky to attack members of congress. Especially risky now that with Democrats control the Senate, and if Raphael Warnock wins his Georgia Senate race, will give the Dems full control of committee’s and with it subpoena power.

Questions need to be asked as to why the media would abolish its own ethical standard as found in The Society of Professional Journalism, Ethics Code by colluding with Democrats in the suppressing of free speech.

How would the media react if the government tried to suppress the freedom of the press or how would they have responded if this was done by Republicans and a Republican president?

It seems Democrats have accused Republicans of all manner of despicable acts, but in reality it’s the Democrats who are the real perpetrators of curtailing freedoms we enjoy under our constitutional republic.

Again the question do you support the first amendment and free speech or only the first but not the latter?

Constitutional Law Professor at George Washington University Jonathan Turley wrote that the only way to end this severe constitutional threat to are very Democracy is to:      release everything related to the company’s massive censorship operation. This is an effort to force Musk not only to resume censorship but to protect the censors. So, open the files. Allow the public to see not just communications on censorship (including subjects beyond Hunter Biden) but how Twitter may have used verification, throttling, algorithms, or other methods to control speech. The company does not have to release codes or potentially damaging information to reveal the back channel communications, deliberations, and targeting choices.

Turley continues to write that by embracing total transparency, Musk can force Apple and other companies to face the ugly realities of censorship. The anti-free speech alliance has declared total war on Twitter. It is time for Twitter to get into this fight and realize that free speech is not just its guiding principle but its greatest weapon.

It’s time America learns the truth!