By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

The recent release of Special Counsel John Durham’s report on what precipitated how the FBI and Department of Justice began its investigation of alleged allegations of then candidate Donald Trump allegedly colluding with Russia in 2016, proved false but revealed massive corruption by the government and the media.

Since the report was released many in the media and throughout the Democratic Party scoffed at the findings as a “nothing burger” or just partisan spin to protect Donald Trump and help him win back the presidency in 2024.

No matter what the sceptics state this report was devastating that showed widespread corruption involving extensive political collusion at the very pinnacle of the U.S. government which reached all the way up to the top of the Obama administration.

Knowledge of this political deception was perpetrated by then Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her campaign, acknowledged by then President Barack Obama, his Vice President Joe Biden, and assisted by members of Obama’s administration at the U.S. intelligence agencies such as the CIA and the Director of National Intelligence

All this was done with a complicit corporate media who aided and abetted this massive deception which favored Democrats who violated every tenet of any journalistic ethics by favoring one political party and hamstrung a presidency.

Every media affiliate in the country ran non-stop claiming that there were mountains of evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, and many had received prestigious journalistic awards such as the gold standard in journalism the “Pulitzer Prize” given to both the New York Times and the Washington Post in 2018. Will any give back these awards back or will the award organizations retract these awards which was based off a lie that violated all tenets of journalistic ethics?

The corporate media who claim to be the arbitrator of being “the watchman” that holds government accountable, instead acted and are now conducting themselves as a state media operation doing the bidding of the Democratic Party, obliterating their own ethics found in the Society of Professional Journalism.

In Durham’s Report he reported the FBI quickly pursued an extremely vague tip that a Trump campaign aide had potential contacts with Russian authorities in the summer of 2016, even though they had nothing to corroborate any contact. Even the Department of Justice Inspector General who issued a report in 2019, came to the similar conclusion, except he differed that it being justified. Later the IG stated there was no evidence to keep it going.

Durham also concluded that the FBI was more cautious and skeptical of any allegations of foreign influence on the Clinton Campaign, but this was far different how the bureau treated the Trump campaign. In the report the bureau failed to pursue two credible instances where foreign governments try and planning to contribute to the Clinton campaign in order to gain influence. Contrast how the FBI investigated Trump solely based on “raw” unanalyzed, and uncorroborated intelligence, which would be trend with how the bureau would investigate the former president. The bureau would regularly brief the Clinton Campaign, but would not provide the same briefing to the Trump campaign.

We are now learning from a Department of Justice report reveals the FBI had shutdown at least four criminal investigations into Hillary and Bill Clinton during the 2016 presidential election. What were these investigation, was one of them the corruption at the Clinton Foundation, where Hillary Clinton had comingled the foundation with her time at the State Department egarding influence peddling?

Durham concluded in his report that the FBI never rigorously or analyzed any and all information it received especially the “Steele Dossier” which was the impetus for the entire Russian collusion narrative. All this information came from individuals and groups tied to the Democratic Party, but the FBI failed to validate this evidence or authenticate its authenticity; they just accepted it as fact. This would in fact prolong the investigation and actions by then FBI Director James Comey would lead to and prompt the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller. Durham also concluded the FBI was too overly reliant on information obtained from Trumps political opponents.

The report also concluded that the FBI engaged in “confirmation bias,” in which it “discounted or willfully ignored material information that did not support the narrative of a collusive relationship between Trump and Russia.”

So far all the perpetrators of this vast abuse of power by the DOJ and the FBI to collude with the Clinton campaign and the media have left government service but have obtained lucrative positions in academia and in the media.

Almost everyone in the Democratic Party who pushed this false narrative are still in the halls of Congress and hold high positions in the Biden administration, when will those such as Democratic Representative Adam Schiff be challenged to produce the evidence you claim to have to substantiate that Trump colluded with Russia?

Every Democrat pushed this false narrative and it hampered a president from conducting the business of the American people, maybe the deadly war in Ukraine never would have happened? Because every time Trump tried to meet or discuss anything with the Russian leader he was called a Russian stooge or doing his bidding.

The individuals, groups and the media who pushed this blatantly false narrative also pushed the Hunter Biden laptop as Russian disinformation campaign, which again proved wrong but it had an impact on the 2020 presidential election.

It seems the Democratic Party, their allies and the Biden Administration claim that Republicans are the threat to Democracy, but the real threat to Democracy are they themselves the real threat.

If no one at the DOJ, the FBI, the Democratic Party and the media are not held accountable for what they did, America in the years to come will realize when the crack in America’s constitutional republic began.