By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

Early this month President Biden angrily stated, “Name me a single objective we’ve ever set out to accomplish that we’ve failed on. Name me one, in all of our history. Not one!” With this anger filled statement, a question that needs to be asked does the president’s rhetoric match his accomplishments.

One of the first areas to examine Biden’s strongest attribute is his acumen in foreign policy! This one area the mainstream media touted throughout the 2020 presidential campaign and hyped Biden’s decades of experience in the U.S. Senate where he either chaired or was the ranking member of the Senate Foreign relations committee, coupled with his eight years as vice president under President Obama.

The mainstream media hailed the Biden administrations national security team as the most experienced foreign policy team ever, but has rhetoric met reality? Remember Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates who served in both the Bush and Obama administration famously stated, “Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy decision in the past forty years.”

With all this experience examine how Biden handled Afghanistan, where the president planned on having a celebratory 20th anniversary celebration on 9/11 which precipitated the beginning of the Afghan conflict. Biden wanted to be known as the president that ended the Afghanistan conflict after two decades of consistent U.S. intervention. Instead of an honorable withdrawal, America faced and endured its greatest humiliation since the U.S. left Vietnam in 1975.

As someone who campaigned on re-building our alliances with our longtime allies from the chaotic administration of President Trump, Biden’s Afghan withdrawal had the opposite effect. First he rejected all advice from U.S. military commanders, failed to plan for an orderly withdrawal, failed to inform our closest allies, failed to inform our Afghan partners, left Americans and key allies behind, only to face retribution from the Taliban.

In Biden’s hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan he left behind chaos, beyond leaving our allies, leaving American’s and western contractors behind, he abandoned a $1 billion embassy, $300 million remodeled Bagram airbase strategically situated on the doorsteps of Russia and China.  If this wasn’t bad enough Biden left behind well over $50 billion in weapons and supplies to the Taliban to be used by various international terror groups.

This chaotic and disastrous withdrawal led Russian President Vladimir Putin to conclude that he could walk into Ukraine without any pushback from America. What else could Putin conclude since Biden took office, he ended America’s energy independence by canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline, ended sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream II Pipeline which would send energy to western Europe, failed to respond to Russia hacking into the U.S. energy grid, gave a weak response to Russia massing on the Ukrainian border prior to invading.

Putin believed it would be the same since Biden served as Vice President under President Obama when he annexed Crimea, where the administration gave a muted response.

The disastrous Biden foreign policy was not just confined to these areas alone, but continued around the globe. Biden discarded the Abraham accords, pushed Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States into relationships with three of America’s core enemies in Iran, Russia and China.

As the mid-term elections were in its final stages Biden and his administration went begging to Iran, Venezuela, Russia, and Saudi Arabia to produce more oil to stabilize oil prices and begin reducing its impact at home. Biden is doing everything in his power to end U.S. energy production, drain the nation’s strategic petroleum reserve all for political advantage before the mid-term elections.

During the 2020 presidential campaign Biden often spoke how tough he would be on China, but since being inaugurated as president he allowed his entire national security team to be dressed down by the Chinese in Anchorage, Alaska setting the stage for weakness as it relates to Beijing.

During the campaign Biden stated he would force a team into Wuhan, China to get to the origins of Covid-19 which killed over a million American, no team had been sent and in meeting with Chinese President Xi he never even brought up the subject.

Just examine early this year when Biden completely ignored a Chinese espionage balloon that completely traversed across the U.S. taking and conducting sensitive surveillance over America’s most secretive military instillations.

Look how Biden has handled the U.S. southern border where he has allowed over seven million illegal immigrants to flood into the United States, without any background checks, vaccinations, any COVID tests, and now they are straining the budgets of American states and cities.

It also showed the hypocrisy of Democrats as they championed sanctuary city and state status for all illegals welcoming them with open arms and providing them with taxpayer funded benefits. Now these same blue state cities and states are crying to the federal government for relief, when it was affecting the borders states it wasn’t a problem. Now when their resources and their communities are being overwhelmed they don’t like it.

With the millions of illegals streaming across the border with it come illegal drugs such as fentanyl which have contributed to the deaths of over 100,000 Americans and so far Biden has done nothing to stop the flow nor has he pushed China the originator of the drugs from sending the materials to Mexico then into the U.S.

Despite Biden’s disastrous foreign policy the president has been an utter failure on the economy. Early in his administration he unleashed trillions in new spending which increased demand precisely at a time when dormant supply chains were just coming out of the forced shutdown of the economy due to COVID, and were months behind rebooting production and transportation capabilities. All this additional spending substantially increased inflation impacting every Americans pocket book, this despite warnings by Democratic economists in the last two Democratic administrations.

Bidenomics has caused real pain for every American but especially for the poor and middle class who can least afford it. Since Biden assumed the presidency, Americans have seen the price of energy, gasoline, and key food staples increase exponentially, as the country is facing the worst inflation in over 40 years.

Reports have shown that Americans are now paying over $700 per month more than they did before Biden was elected.

For all of Biden’s bluster well over 70% of Americans believe we are heading in the wrong direction, but can you blame them. Bidenomics has destroyed family budgets, as gas is double what it was in January 2021, interest rates have tripled and with it mortgage rates. Key food staples such as meat, dairy products like milk and eggs, then add vegetables, and fruits are double what they were just three years ago.

This only a small sampling of the failure of the Biden presidency the question is how much more pain can the American people take!