President Biden Seeks a Second Term; Should He?

President Biden has officially announced via a video that he is seeking a second term, many questions remain considering his age and many in the country believe the country in heading in the wrong direction, so should he seek a second term?

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Analysis: It’s not 2020 anymore. Biden’s re-election campaign faces new challenges

As U.S. President Joe Biden gears up for a bruising re-election battle, the realities of the 2024 race and differences with 2020 at the height of the coronavirus pandemic create new challenges for him.

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President Biden Presides over an America in Decline?

Nothing scares our allies more and emboldens our enemies more than a diminished declining America, but that is exactly what is transpiring right now with the presidency of Joe Biden.

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U.S. Military is in Serious Decline as China Rises

Speaking before a Joint Session of Congress President George Washington stated, “The surest way to preserve peace is to prepare for war,” unfortunately the Biden administration failed to understand this axiom, and his policies are contributing to the precipitous decline of the U.S. military.

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The Indictment of President Donald Trump

One of the most famous speeches in all of U.S. history, one that was delivered after a bloody civil war that virtually tore the nation apart President Abraham Lincoln gave one of the most consequential and magnanimous inaugural addresses, on the need to bind the nation’s wounds. Unfortunately our political leaders today, failed to heed Lincoln’s counsel!

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Despite Biden’s Best Efforts the Baby Formula Shortage still persists

A year ago, the nation was dealing with the shortage of baby formula and its detrimental impact on infant children, but despite it having faded from the media and the political powers in Washington, but the crisis still continues.

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