Trump Projects Up To 240,000 Coronavirus Deaths in U.S., Even with Mitigation Efforts

President Trump and the physicians advising the federal pandemic response on Tuesday delivered a bleak outlook for the novel coronavirus’s spread across the country, predicting a best-case scenario of 100,000 to 240,000 fatalities in the United States and summoning all Americans to make additional sacrifices to slow the spread.

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Trump Calls For $2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill To Help Economy During Coronavirus

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said Congress should pass a $2 trillion spending plan to update the country’s roads, bridges and other infrastructure, calling for it to be included in the next bill lawmakers are currently drafting to respond to the coronavirus crisis, which they refer to as Phase 4.

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What Would Happen If ‘Fracking’ for Oil and Natural Gas Was Banned?

All of the presumptive Democrat Presidential candidates and the two remaining – Joseph Biden and Bernie Sanders — would essentially ban fracking in the U.S., as would many other politicians and activists.

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FBI Problems with FISA Warrants Extend Beyond Russia Case, DOJ Watchdog Warns

Inspector General Michael Horowitz says FBI is doing a poor job complying with Wood procedures designed to protect Americans’ civil liberties in surveillance warrants.

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What’s Behind Trump’s Striking Reversal on the Coronavirus Timeline?

President Donald Trump on Monday optimistically declared that “it’s going to be a month of achievement” for the country even as he asked the extended strict social distancing guidelines for another month as the nation stares down the sober reality that 100-200 thousand Americans could die from the virus.

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President Trump Extends Social Distancing Guidance Until End of April

Days after President Trump said he hoped the country would be “opened up and raring to go” by Easter, he instead announced on Sunday an extension of federal guidance on social distancing through April, in a continued effort to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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