By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

The presidency of Joe Biden was supposed to usher in a new era in U.S. foreign policy where the experienced handlers were now back in charge, instead of stability we now have the world on the brink of three major regional conflicts.

With America engaged in a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, the current explosive situation in the Middle East after the brutal massacre of Israeli citizens in southern Israel, and the potential for conflict over China’s insistence to take Taiwan by force have led to serious doubts about Biden’s ability to handle these multiple international crises.

Throughout his presidency Biden has reacted slowly to various international events and offered confusing with an ever-changing foreign policy narratives. Ever since his chaotic and humiliating American withdrawal from Afghanistan and his $6 billion hostage deal with Iran to release U.S. hostages held by Tehran have led many to question his international acumen.

Biden mishandled U.S. support to Ukraine in its fight to repel Russia’s invasion which he has sent in massive amount of funding after the conflict began, but has slow-walked key military aid and often reversed what equipment would be sent.

Far too often Biden has misstated U.S. foreign policy objectives, and then had to have his national security and political aides to quickly correct or walk back his remarks, which suggests his acumen in international relations is not what is advertised.

For someone who campaigned on normalcy in foreign policy, what we now have is the Middle East on the brink of a regional war; the U.S. southern border is a border in name only as millions are crossing unabated with more individuals apprehended listed on the terror watch list then in the past eight years combined.

No matter what one thinks of the Trump presidency he had brokered an historic peace deal among Arab nations and Israel, and set a firm hand by killing over 250 Russians who attack America forces in Syria, killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the leader of the Islamic State.

Trump sent a firm message to the Mullahs in Iran by killing the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Qods Commander Qasem Soleimani responsible for the deaths of thousands across the Middle East including hundreds of Americans.

The killing of Soleimani set back Iran’s ambitions as he was deemed irreplaceable, but at the time Joe Biden was against the move as this would lead to war. This never happened and now with Biden in the White House he is presiding over an America in decline on the world stage as the U.S. has lost its deterrence as no one fears the United States, now the administration is presiding over a world on the brink of a major regional war’s in three different regions of the globe.

With Biden as president, Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists attacked Israel, and began the systematic slaughter of over 1,500 civilians, killed over thirty Americans and took many of its citizen’s hostage all the while the administration was negotiating a nuclear deal.

Biden is following in the foots steps of the Obama administration in their pursuit of a nuclear deal with Iran even placating Tehran by lifting sanctions, allowing the regime to export oil and finally who flew literal pallets of cash totaling $400 million to Tehran in the middle of the night.

Obama even stated, “We will outstretch the hand if you unclench your fist,” unfortunately, Iran never did as the president firmly believed that there were moderates in Iran that would be willing to pursue peace. The problem there are no moderates in the Iranian government as Obama was giving Tehran concession after concession, Iran was utilizing its renewed windfall of revenues to fund its proxy forces in Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups throughout the Middle East.

Both Obama and now Biden never fully understood Iran’s true ambitions. Iran has stated since the Islamic Republic was founded in 1979, they have always stated their primary goal was to be a regional hegemon in the Middle East, and to control oil flow out of the Persian Gulf. To achieve this they need to destroy Israel and force all U.S. military personnel out of the Middle East.

The previous administration pulled the U.S. out of the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, and instead placed crippling sanctions on Tehran and cratered energy prices which substantially reduced revenue that could fund Hamas and Hezbollah. Both terror organizations were financially broke until Biden reversed all of Trump’s policies.

Biden and his national security team, many who served in the Obama administration reverted to the failed policies of the past. The Biden administration has doubled down and accelerated the failed policies of the Obama administration by chasing a new nuclear deal with Iran.

Since becoming President Biden has unfrozen Iranian assets, gave Tehran sanction relief, made ransom payments in order to secure American hostages who are held by Iran are set free. Unfreezing frozen assets and allowing Iran to sell oil on the open market, this revenue was sent to the terror organizations they support and fiancé.

Under Biden, the U.S. allowed Iran to shrink its time for a nuclear breakout, and in every instance bent over backwards to placate Iran, all the while Tehran was supporting terror organizations such as Hamas, who were well funded, trained and supported which led to the terror organization to invade Israel to kill and capture hostages including Americans.

By Biden placating Iran we are on the brink of a regional war in the Middle East!

The various foreign policy mistakes by Biden have morphed into other areas of the globe.

Within weeks of America’s disastrous and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan Russian President Vladimir Putin began mobilizing his forces along the border with Ukraine to realize his long held aspiration of annexing the country.

Before Putin decided to invade Ukraine, Biden campaigned during the 2020 presidential race that the Russian leader feared him more than any other candidate, but upon becoming president his rhetoric has failed to match his polices.

Biden gave concession after concession to Biden, including a muted response to Russian supported groups from hacking into the U.S. energy grid.

Now that Putin has invade Ukraine, the president has sent military and financial support to Ukraine, but often he stated one set of polices only to be reversed months later. The president has slow walked military aid to Ukraine, and he has never articulated a coherent strategy on what he is trying to accomplish or how the conflict is to be resolved.

In every region of the world Biden has pursued a weak strategy, even how he is dealing with China, America’s near peer competitor.  As the Chinese view Biden as a weak leader and are pushing the envelope at every chance they get. No one fears this president nor do they fear America under a Biden presidency.

Biden’s foreign policy prowess was built when he served five years as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, then was selected as Vice President for eight years under President Obama because of this experience.

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates who served a Defense Secretary under both President Bush and Obama famously stated, “Has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

The Washington Examiner has examined the mistakes made by Biden in Foreign policy over the years.

  • In 1975, Mr. Biden opposed aid for the South Vietnamese government, ensuring the North Vietnamese victory and causing a mass exodus of refugees.
  • He opposed President Reagan’s decision to place intermediate range nuclear missiles in Europe, the move forced the Russians back to the negotiating table from where they had previously had boycotted. This move led to historic nuclear reeducations
  • In 1991, he opposed the Persian Gulf War, one of the most successful U.S. military campaigns in history. He later said he regretted his vote and criticized President George H.W. Bush for not going further to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq.
  • In 2007, he called President George W. Bush’s counterinsurgency strategy in Iraq a “tragic mistake,” but the move was widely credited with reducing violence and civil casualties.
  • In 2010, Vice President Biden opposed arresting Russian sleeper agents discovered in the U.S., fearing it would start a tiff with Moscow. Mr. Obama overruled him.
  • In 2011, he urged Mr. Obama to scale down U.S. troops in Iraq, which he declared “stable and self-reliant.” The move escalated violence and created an opening for the rise of the terrorist group ISIS.
  • In 2011, he advised Mr. Obama to abandon a plan to kill Osama bin Laden, one of the administration’s most significant foreign policy victories. Although Mr. Biden told lawmakers in 2012 that he said “Don’t go,” he completely changed his account by 2015 and insisted he told Mr. Obama to “go.”
  • Against the target killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
  • He was against the killing of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Qods Commander Qasem Soleiman.

We were told that with the election Joe Biden as president we now have the grown-ups back in charge of U.S. foreign policy, but all we have now is more instability and the U.S. is now facing the potential of three regional conflicts!

How is that for experience!