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America’s National Debt Crisis Goes Unanswered by Both Political Parties

The 2024 presidential election has devolved into the demonization of each candidate for president, with the current occupant of the Oval Office claiming former President Trump is a threat to “Democracy,” with the reverse claiming President Biden is incompetent in is his duties.

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President Biden’s Bizarre CNN Interview

Throughout his presidency, President Biden has uttered bizarre and downright non-factual appraisal of his economic record compared to his predecessor. A recent CNN interview left many scratching their heads, does he actually believe what he is saying, is he lying about his dismal record, or is he just having a cogent moment. No one knows!

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Here’s how Biden’s jobs data compares with Trump’s first term

Although the economic track records of President Biden and former President Donald Trump are no guarantee of future performance, they will likely have a substantial impact on how voters view the two candidates. That’s why Biden and Trump have spent significant time in recent months touting their alleged economic achievements, with each candidate declaring that he has substantially outperformed the other.

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