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Stocks Slide on Curve Fears; Bonds Push Higher: Markets Wrap

Stocks dropped in Asia after Wednesday’s U.S. sell-off, though losses weren’t as severe, after the inversion of part of the Treasury yield curve raised recession fears. The yield on 30-year Treasuries dropped below 2% for the first time.

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Dow futures drop triple digits as US-China trade, Hong Kong protest tensions rise

U.S. stock index futures dropped Monday morning, pressured by worries that an ongoing trade dispute between Washington and Beijing could tip the world and U.S. economies into recession.

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New Tariffs Further Roil Trade War between China and US

In a move that stirred Wall Street, President Donald Trump recently announced that he would extend tariffs to nearly all Chinese imports to the United States, thus escalating a trade war that has the potential to harm American consumers financially and upend financial markets worldwide.

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US oil is likely to be China’s next target as trade war rages, energy analysts warn

China is expected to dramatically reduce its intake of United States crude imports over the coming weeks, energy analysts have warned, following the latest flare-up in trade war tensions between the world's two largest economies.

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