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12/12/2018 || Can The New House Democratic Majority Agree on Health care, Innigration and ‘Green’ Issues?

11/30/2018 || US Military Preeminence Faces Many Challenges

11/26/2018 || Midterm Elections end without Mention of National Debt

11/16/2018 || The War in Afghanistan: America’s Longest Conflict

11/07/2018 || Split Decision: Democrats Take the House GOP Retains the Senate

10/31/2018 || Mid-Term: Is A ‘Blue Wave’ On The Horizon?

10/24/2018 || 2018 Midterm Elections: Most Consequential of Our Time

10/18/2018 || Did The FBI Meet The DNC About Russian Meddling Allegations?

10/10/2018 || Kavanaugh Supreme Court Confirmation Further Damages Media Credibility

10/02/2018 || The Kavanaugh Hearing: The Balkanization of the U.S. Legal System

09/27/2018 || Mid-Term Election Campaigns Aren’t Addressing National Debt

09/19/2018 || Stabilizing Afghanistan means dealing with The Insurgent Sanctuary in Pakistan

09/12/2018 || Entitlement Spending Is the True Cause of the Rising National Debt

09/06/2018 || Are Investigators looking in the Right Area for Russian Collusion

08/29/2018 || U.S. Still Lacks Coherent Afghanistan Strategy

08/23/2018 || Chicago Illustrates Systemic Problem That Plagues America’s Urban centers

08/16/2018 || Who Protects the Constitution if the Custodians themselves are Corrupt?

08/09/2018 || Democrats Embrace Socialism, is this a Winning Formula?

08/02/2018 || Fact Checking Has President Trump Truly Been Soft on Russia

07/25/2018 || Europe Rethinks Security Relationship with U.S. Against Russia

07/19/2018 || The Rising National Debt Could Be a Fiscal Pearl Harbor

07/10/2018 || New President of Mexico Has Many Internal Problems to Address

07/03/2018 || The Forth of July is a Celebration for Freedom Worldwide

06/28/2018 || Treating PTSD in Veterans Successfully Requires Overcoming Misconceptions

06/19/2018 || Is President Trump Preparing for an International Trade War?

06/13/2018 || GOP Report: Obama Allegedly Gave Iran Access to US Financial System

06/06/2018 || The United States Needs a Coherent Strategy to Cope with Syria Conflcit

05/30/2018 || Washington Anxiously Awaits Inspector General’s Report from DOJ

05/23/2018 || On Memorial Day, We Must All Remember America’s Fallen Heroes

05/16/2018 || Trump Pulls US from Iran Nuclear Deal, Shattering Obama’s Foreign Policy Legacy

05/11/2018 || The ‘Great Game’ Replicates Itself within Syria

05/03/2018 || Department of Justice Inspector General Investigates Department and FBI for Poltical Bias

04/30/2018 ||  The National Debt and How It’s Become America’s Greatest Security Threat

04/18/2018 || Military Action and the Long-Term Strategy for the US in Syria

04/12/2018 || VA Still in Disarray Four Years after Veterans Wait-List Death Scandal

04/04/2018 || Russia Aims to Displace US Leadership Role in the Middle East

03/28/2018 || National Debt Problem Requires a Practical Bipartisan Solution

03/21/2018 || Attorney General Sessions Contemplates Appointing a Second Special Counsel

03/14/2018 || It’s Time to Reorganize the Military Industrial Complex

03/07/2018 || The Ongoing Challenge America Faces in Resolving Middle Eastern Conflcits

02/21/2018 || Special Counsel Mueller’s Indictment agaisnt Russians Opens New Questions

02/14/2018 || The Implications of Trump’s Blocking of the Democrats’ Intelligence Memo

01/31/2018 || Trump’s State of the Union Extols US Economy, Says Little about Foreign Policy and National Debt

01/25/2018 || New National Defense Strategy Leaves Many Unanswered Questions

01/18/2018 || Senate Democrats Criticize Trump For Ignoring Russian Threat

01/11/2018 || Protests Across Iran Prioritize Economic Improvements Over Political Change

01/03/2018 || Rebuilding after the Defeat of ISIS: What Lies in the Future of Iraq?

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