By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

For all the billions the U.S. spends on education, the nation’s educational system is in free fall, as the National Assessment of Educational Progress reported in the fall of last year math and reading scores dropped to a 40 year low, now this organization is reporting history and civics have plummeted to record lows.

In the National Assessment of Educational Progress report it showed that only 13% of students are performing at or above the “proficient” level in U.S. history. This is an appalling statistic that further showcases the despicable nature of the American educational system.

This is a national crisis as more than half of all children in America cannot do math or read to grade level, now we have the same children aren’t proficient in history or civics. No wonder most Americans are clueless about the very functions of their own government nor do they know the very basic rudimentary foundations of their own countries history.

We are now graduating students from high school who are unable to read or do math, this is particularly acute in the minority community where 80% of black and Hispanic students are deficient at grade level in math and English.

With plummeting educational test scores across the country states and school districts responding to this disparity is by lowering educational standards and eliminating gifted programs as has been the case in San Francisco and New York City and states in California and Oregon.

The United States is now producing children who will be adults that have difficulty doing math and reading, coupled with the fact these same children know little of our history, its values and very little understanding of our entire constitutional system.

Beginning when the National Assessment of Educational Progress released its first report after Covid pandemic lockdown showed that every state regressed in math and reading and now history and civic learning have shown a dramatic drop.

The latest scores that were released in October and this month have many officials blaming the disruptions for the low scores, but all these officials were adamant that schools should remain closed despite any scientific evidence showing the virus impacting children.

The lockdown severely impacted the development of the nation’s children hampering their psychological and intellectual development. The U.S. was virtually the only industrialized nation that shutdown or forced students into virtual learning all supported by Democrats and their allies in the teachers unions.

Democrats and their media allies often tout Europe on how to govern, except in this case as European nations cited various scientific evidence refuting any notion that they needed to close schools.  Those that advocated keeping schools open were viciously attacked by Democrats, President Biden, the media and social media companies.  These same Democrats coupled with their allies in the National Education Association and teacher union leaders supported censorship of anyone one who dared question their decision to keep schools closed.

With all the evidence that shows how devastating school closure were for students, the same individuals who advocated closures of schools such as Randi Weingarten the head of the second largest teachers union, now insists she and others pushed for reopening. This despite mountains of evidence to the contrary and from their own public statements that they did everything in their power to keep schools closed and chastised those who had an alternative view.

Now everyone in the nation’s educational establishment, Democrats in Washington and in the various states, their allies in the media now claim they were never opposed to in-person classes despite mountains of evidence that shows otherwise.

Despite evidence that those placed in authority over our nations school’s kept students out of in-person learning, over the years a de-emphasis has been placed on civics and history, it’s no wonder why students today know very little of the origins of their own country nor do they understand our constitutional governing system.

This dismal national educational system with scores dropping in history and civics have our students not understanding how our country was founded, what transpired at the constitutional convention that would reverberate and produce an Abraham Lincoln and then transcend to a Martin Luther King.

Even Martin Luther King, Jr in his famous “I have a Dream” speech at the nation’s capital in a steamy hot August of 1963, eloquently referenced the U.S. constitution and Declaration of Independence. Today, few students know of this correlation; this is truly sad for them and this great republic.

Now our educational scores are dropping in history, civics as well as math and English. We are failing our children across the board and undermining a rising generation of citizens.  We see nothing, and very little reporting has been done on the failing test scores, except we need more money, but money doesn’t always solve the problem just examine schools in Baltimore where not one kid is proficient in math, despite spending close to $22,000.

This is vindictive across the country, Chicago spends from all sources about $30,000 per pupil and still over 55 schools not one student is proficient in math and reading.

Instead of working with families across the nation, Democrats and their allies in the teachers union treat parents as the enemies and colluded with the Department of Justice and the FBI to investigate parents and label them as domestic terrorists.

It’s also interesting to note that Democrats and their media allies vigorously support public education except for their children. California Governor, Gavin Newsom, for example shut down the entire state public school system; forcing 6 million children to learn via zoom at home, despite sending his kids to in-person learning at a private school.

This is a civil rights issue of monumental proportions!