By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Report”

Throughout his presidency, President Biden has uttered bizarre and downright non-factual appraisal of his economic record compared to his predecessor. A recent CNN interview left many scratching their heads, does he actually believe what he is saying, is he lying about his dismal record, or is he just having a cogent moment. No one knows!

During an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Biden was asked numerous times on his administration’s economic record and in each instance, he gave false, misleading and downright lies about his fiscal record.

The economy has been the top concern for Americans and you would have expected this question would be a central theme of Burnett’s line of questioning of the president.

Just like Biden who has repeatedly stated on numerous occasions the amount of jobs his administration has created, and the CNN interview was no different.

Biden stated that especially as it relates to his predecessor, “He’s never succeeded in creating jobs and I have never failed. I have created over 15 million jobs since I have been president, 15 million in three-and-three-quarters years.

This is flat wrong, misleading and totally out of context.

It is fact that 15 million jobs have been created since Biden assumed the presidency, but most of these jobs were recovered jobs that came back after the COVID-19 related lockdowns had ended, they were not newly created jobs.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the current employment level is about 3 million jobs higher than it was in January 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

If you take the first three years of the Trump presidency, over 6 million jobs were created, which is 3 million more then was created by Biden.

The difference is what are the quality of those jobs created by both presidents? Off the 6 million jobs created under President Trump, almost all of them were full time positions.

Under the Biden presidency, a little over 2 million full-time jobs have been added, with more than 1.18 million part-time jobs. Harley a sign of a robust growing economy, all this after spending over $6 trillion in new federal government spending.

To place things into perspective, of the nearly 3 million jobs created 16% have been government jobs, and much more has been dependent on government spending which we are now witnessing a slowing of the employment picture as federal spending is now ending.

Another aspect is Biden and the Democratic Party’s obsession at the Trump tax cuts of 2017 that they believe benefited the wealthy, when facts show the benefits went mainly to the middle class as reported by The Bureau of Labor Statistics, The Bureau of Economic Analysis, and finally the Congressional Budget Office.

Biden still repeated this false statement by stating of Trump, “He looks at it from a Mar-a-Lago perspective. He wants to give more significant tax cuts to the super wealthy. You know, we have got 1,000 billionaires in America. You know what their average federal tax is? Eight-point-three percent. He talks about, if I — I want to raise it to 25 percent. That would raise, that would raise $40 billion, $400 billion over 10 years.”

No where does Biden state where he gets the 8.3% federal tax for the super wealthy nor was asked on this. The Trump tax cuts gave the super wealthy a tax increase where they were only able to deduct up to $10,000 on State and Local Taxes (SALT).

Another false statement Biden mention’s, “That’s why I’m working very hard to bring the cost of rentals down, to increase the number of homes that are available. But let me say it this way. When I started this administration, people were saying there’s going to be a collapse of the economy. We have the strongest economy in the world. Let me say it again, in the world.”

Nobody was stating the economy was going to collapse except Joe Biden.

This one statement is downright false, “Yes. Well, so — but, I mean, no president had the run we have had, in terms of creating jobs and bringing down inflation. It was 9 percent when I came to office, 9 percent. But, look, people have a right to be concerned, ordinary people. The idea that you bounce a check and you get a $30 fee for bouncing the check, well, I changed that.”

Inflation was 1.4% when Biden took office, once all his federal spending began inflation jumped significantly. Even former Democratic economic advisors such as former Secretary of Treasury in the Clinton administration and senior economic advisor to President Obama, and Steve Rattner a senior economic advisor in the Obama administration all warned that Biden’s massive spending would unleash high inflation they were strongly rebuked by Biden.

Poll after poll has suggested even among Democrats believe that they were better off under the Trump presidency then under Biden’s economic stewardship, I guess when you have a fawning media you will never get challenged on your administration’s economic failures.