By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

President Biden has officially announced via a video that he is seeking a second term, many questions remain considering his age and many in the country believe the country in heading in the wrong direction, so should he seek a second term?

The greatest liability Biden faces is his age, throughout his time in office he has been dogged by the perception that he is showing signs of cognitive decline as many times he is unaware of where he is, who he is with and what he is doing.

If elected president in 2024, his Vice President Kamala Harris would assume the presidency in any situation if Biden is unable to complete his term in office, this leaves many extremely nervous considering Harris’s ineptitude.

These are two major liabilities for the Biden, but beyond this, the president is entering re-election mode where over 70% of the country believes the nation is headed in the wrong direction.  Hardly a ringing endorsement for re-election!

Currently Biden’s poll numbers released by Gallup show only 37% of the country approve of his performance as president, many noted that President Reagan at the same point in his presidency has a 38% approval rating, but still won his re-election by a wide margin in 1984.

What’s missing from this argument Reagan had the economy in the right direction, and in September 1983 the economy created 1.3 million jobs, many economists have predicted the nation will be in a recession come this fall. The economy/inflation will be the number one issue for voters come election 2024.

Often Biden touts how his policies have strengthened the U.S., unfortunately many Americans differ from the presidents rosy assessment considering the persistent high inflation that has sapped wages of ordinary Americans.

Biden is facing various headwinds as he heads into re-election with the economy being the number one issue.

At the end of April the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that the nation’s GDP increase just 1.1% far below what many experts had predicted of 2%, by all accounts the economy is slowing down.

Many Americans are still feeling the impact of higher inflation, even though it dropped last month to 5%, it still is at a 40 year high and deeply entrenched into all aspect of the economy. Far too often Americans are paying higher prices for just about everything, and having to pay things by using credit cards and utilizing retirement accounts to meet basic needs.

Many economists including those that served in the last two Democratic administrations have repeatedly stated that inflation began early in the Biden administration by passing close to $2 trillion “American Rescue Plan,” coupled with burdensome regulations and higher taxes fueled inflations trajectory.

Throughout the Biden presidency, the administration has increased spending, taxes and regulation all in the vain attempt to jump start the economy, all of it had a devastating impact on American families.

Far too often Biden’s economic advisers believe by placing more money into people’s hands would provide a stimulus that would encourage Americans to spend more thus fueling and economic revival after the Covid lockdowns.

Biden and his administration failed to address the core problem, after the economy was shut down, this had a major impact on supply chains, thus demand for core supplies rose and with more money chasing fewer goods the end results was higher inflation.

The one key promise Biden made during the 2020 presidential campaign was his vow to end “fossil fuel” and transition America to the electrification for the nation’s energy, all this has done is make gas prices higher, fuel inflation and make Americans poorer.

Examine other areas such as education, American children are falling further behind especially after the educational assessment released in the fall of 2022 that showed U.S. children regressed 30 years in math and reading.

The greatest impact is felt by black and Hispanic children where 80% cannot read or do math at grade level. The same report showed that 1-3 American children are not proficient in reading at grade level.

The president and Democrats continue to believe the solution is more money and are strongly opposed to school choice, despite many Democrats and Biden himself having either sent their children or our sending their own children to private schools.

Let’s also examine how Biden has dealt with foreign policy which he campaigned on as his strength with his decades of service as a Senator in Washington having either chaired or was ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations committee and having served as Vice President for eight years.

Representative Mary Miller, an Illinois Republican, chastised Biden for his handling of foreign policy, especially the abandonment of four embassies the past two years, in Afghanistan, Sudan, Belarus, and Ukraine.

Miller commented on Twitter, “Joe Biden has had to evacuate FOUR embassies in less than 3 years. The media said Biden & Blinken were ‘experts’ and ‘the adults are back in charge.’ The world has been on FIRE since their disaster in Afghanistan. Pray for our country & the 16,000 Americans Biden left in Sudan.”

At the end of April, “The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction” testified before Congress detailing how the administration left Americans and our allies behind, everything the president stated before was false.

In the same testimony the IG stated that in his estimation he still believes the U.S. is still funding the Taliban, why would the U.S. and the Biden administration continue to fund a terror organization?

If one just examines the world today compare to when Biden took office you will see the world on fire, Russia has invaded Ukraine, which places the U.S. in a potential war with a nuclear power.

Iran is on the move across the Middle East.

China, Iran and Russia have forged a new axis of evil.

Many countries are re-thinking their ties to America and are moving closer to China.

Right now Chia has been threatening to invade Taiwan.

The public policy think tank “The Center for Strategic and International Studies” has conducted over 17 military exercises in a potential war with China over Taiwan changing different scenarios and in each case the U.S. loses or barley wins at the cost of two aircraft carriers, dozens of capital ship, the loss of over 400 warplanes, and the deaths of thousands of Americans.

In the wargames the U.S. military would expend all of its war stock in the first week, while China will have plenty to draw from. CSIS also concluded the U.S. would not be able replenish its stock for the next thirteen years.

As China seeks to supplant the U.S. as the worlds dominate power the U.S. military in embroiled in woke ideology instead of warfighting.

If Biden is elected he will continue to embrace the same failed policies and he will be 82 when re-elected, if he can’t finish his term for whatever reason his Vice President Kamala Harris will take over.

Let that sink in!