By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

With President Biden’s poll number cratering, even Democrats have openly stated that they want someone else to be the party’s nominee in 2024, and with the Vice President clearly overmatched as a replacement some are speculating that California Governor Gavin Newsom could be the answer.

Newsom seems like the perfect fit, he is young 54-year-old, hails from the largest most populous state in the union that hadn’t voted Republican since 1988, and a state with the most electoral votes of any state with 54. He has the ability to raise the needed money to make a serious run at the presidency, has well-connected San Francisco family connections, married to a film-maker and descendant of a very wealthy Bay Area family.

All this makes a run even more plausible, but is he the answer the Democratic Party is seeking to retain the White House?

The Democratic Party’s bench for candidates for president is extremely thin, either they are old and white or they are young and progressive, this ideology may not resonate with voters after progressive policies have been on implemented and the American people don’t like the results.

Former President Obama administration political operative David Axelrod suggested the party needs to go with someone younger and that Newsom would be an ideal choice.

The question again, is Newsom the answer in a party that is dominated by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, and could he win in other areas of the country?

The first part of the equation for Newsom, could he win over core Democratic voters who are fixated on identity politics, and only view everything through the lens of race. Would they accept someone like Newsom who is white, born into a well-connected San Francisco family, a wife that is a film-maker and descendent of a very wealthy Bay Area family. Plus his children attend a very exclusive private school all the while champion public education, but just not for his children.

Even the liberal Los Angeles Times described Newsom as “a coterie of San Francisco’s wealthiest families”, including the founders of the Gap clothing chain, the Pritzker’s and the Getty Family, who essentially adopted him, financed his business ventures, allegedly paid for his first extravagant wedding, and helped launch his rise up California’s political establishment.

This is hardly the image the Democrats want to rally behind someone with this pedigree, since they have continually emphasize the less fortunate especially people of color, to bad their policies have the opposite impact on the people they claim to help.

The one area that Newsom would have to contend with is his record as governor of California and especially its impact on the people of color the key Democratic core voter.

As much as Newsom touts California as the place where freedom reigns, especially in his latest advertisement blitz in Florida in an effort to convince Floridians to move to the Golden State for a more open and inclusive society.

The unfortunate aspect for Newsom is that African-Americans and Hispanics do far worse economically than their counterparts elsewhere in the country, especially in red-states of Florida and Texas.

Newsom always touts his green and progressive decrees but this is a stark contrast to his own life style of luxury living.  First living in the ultra-wealthy enclave of Marin, and now in Sacramento, this was on full display during the state mandated Covid lockdown as he was caught mask-less and violating his own pandemic orders, at the ultra-expensive, ultra-chic French Laundry in Napa, and the most recent example of his lavish family vacation in Montana, despite the state employees from doing any business in the state over LGBTQ+ issues.

The key negative for Newsom is his policymaking! Newsom presides over the nation’s most ineffective educational systems in the country, where over 70% of black and Hispanic children are deficient at grade level in math and English. This has about three out of five California students totally unprepared for college or a career.  This despite that his children attend one the best private schools in the state, even though while his kids received in person learning during the pandemic six million state public school children were forced to learn at home.

With all his pronouncements on how great California is, the state suffers the greatest Inequality of any state, even surpassing Mexico. According to the US Census Bureau California has the highest rate of poverty of any state in the country, and this includes the highest homeless population in the country.

Joel Kotkin reports in “New Geography” that California also suffers the widest gap between middle and upper-middle-income earners of any state, while driving up housing costs and narrowing opportunities for working-class people in blue-collar industries.

The final aspect of Newsom’s California is that the streets are littered with drug addicts camping anywhere they feel they want.  Homeless is so pervasive that it’s common for these individuals who are free to defecate where they want despite the state spending around $7 billion on the homeless and to include $5 billion on mental illness with no accountability.    Criminals are embolden to commit any crime they want without fear of any sort of consequences, too often these same criminals commit snatch and grab robberies, this  encourages individuals to commit the most openly brazen shoplifting often in full view with no consequence for their action. This is because of the state’s lack of criminal penalties. Fires are routine throughout the state because of state mismanagement of forest areas, coupled with energy blackouts are more the norm then the exception.

Even during the pandemic the state wasted $20 billion in fraudulent unemployment claims, despite the previous year were warned on how ineffective the state’s unemployment system is, but no action taken by Newsom!

Newsom will have a hard time convincing the rest of America so he can duplicate what he has accomplished in California, if the Democrats think he is the answer they better think again!