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New York’s Disastrous Policy of Sending Coronavirus Patients to Nursing Homes

The coronavirus pandemic had an enormous impact on the United States but one state took the brunt with New York State having over 29,000 fatalities. The disturbing part of this tragedy was the policy of New York by sending recovering coronavirus patients to defenseless nursing homes, resulted in the deaths of over 5,000 elderly patients.

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Social Security is running out of money, with benefits on track to be reduced by 2035

The nation’s Social Security program is running out of money with benefits on track to be reduced by around 2035 unless Congress steps in, according to a report released Monday by the Trump administration.

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Appeals Court Rules ACA’s Individual Mandate Unconstitutional; Lower Court to Decide Whether Rest of Law Can sTand Without it

A federal appeals court on Wednesday struck down part of the Affordable Care Act, ruling that its requirement that most Americans carry insurance is unconstitutional while sending back to a lower court the question of whether the rest of the law can remain without it.

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In a Rhetorical Shift, Elizabeth Warren Emphasizes ‘Choice’ On Health cAre

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been using new, notable language at her town halls to describe the transition into "Medicare for All" -- saying, under her plan, it would be a voter's "choice" to opt in.

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Elizabeth Warren Says She Would Not Raise Middle Class Taxes for $52 Trillion Health Care Plan

In a new outline, Warren’s campaign said her single-payer health care plan would cost the country “just under” $52 trillion over a decade, which includes $20.5 trillion in new federal spending. It estimates the proposal would cost just less than the estimated $52 trillion in spending for the current system over 10 years.

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Choices for Financing Medicare for all: A Preliminary Analysis

By Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget-- Proposals to adopt single-payer health care in the United States have grown in popularity in recent years, as numerous lawmakers and presidential candidates have embraced Medicare for All. However, few have grappled with how to finance the new costs imposed on the federal government. By most estimates, Medicare [...]

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