By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports

It first began as a whisper now it’s openly being discussed by President Biden’s own party; Democrats are now questioning his leadership and advocating that someone else should be the party’s presidential nominee in 2024.

If the Republican “red wave” turns into a tsunami in November, the call to replace Biden will gain enormous momentum.

The question is how the U.S. got to this point with the vast majority of Americans believing Biden and his administration are just not up to the challenge of leading America during this difficult period.

Ever since Biden’s Election Day victory, and even before he was inaugurated as president, the new administration confidently if not arrogantly pushed the moniker that the grown-ups are now back in charge.

Biden kept reassuring the nation that he would bring normalcy and stability back to the White House after the chaotic and turbulent presidency of Donald Trump. The nation was even told by a fawning media establishment that his cabinet secretaries were the most experienced to ever hold these position in generations rivaling the administrations of President Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson.

Fast forward eighteen months, instead of competence the nation is now experiencing inflation at a forty year high, surging fuel prices, shortages of basic commodities to include baby formula, and humiliation and failure on the international stage.

The real question is how did we get to this point?

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden wasn’t the standout candidate, he won in the Democratic primaries because he wasn’t Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, and in the general election he wasn’t Donald Trump.

Throughout the campaign, the media ruthlessly attacked President Trump and jumped on any and every salacious allegation no matter that none of it was based on any semblance of truth violating the very basic of journalistic code of ethics.

As for Biden the media never asked nor pressed him on any of his past positions on domestic or foreign policy to see how he would be different from Trump, except he was moderate Joe Biden from the working class neighborhood of Scranton, Pennsylvania. No matter that he only lived there until age of about ten, instead lived a life of privilege in Delaware.

After forty years in public service, as a senator and later Vice President the media touted his vast experience in domestic policy but especially his international expertise, Biden was hailed as the most prepared president to ever enter the White House.

Since the Biden presidency began he has presided over disaster after disaster, beginning with the mismanagement of the Covid vaccination rollout, with its often confusing messaging from the various federal health agencies and coupled with drug shortages.

Then there is the administrations massive open border policy which has allowed record numbers of illegal immigrants being allowed to enter the country totaling over two million which is the highest number ever recorded. The administrations open border policy will break that record with over three million predicted in 2022.

His open border policy has allowed the deadly Fentanyl drug to enter the streets of America, and just last month the DEA seized 40 pounds of the deadly drug enough to produce more than 7 million lethal doses.

The same grown-ups botched and presided over America’s humiliating evacuation from Afghanistan leaving our allies behind without even giving them any notification of our plan. To compound this humiliation Biden left Americans behind, left over $80 billion in weapons to the Taliban, and abandoned Bagram Air Base after spending vast sums to modernize the air field over the past twenty years.  Don’t forget spending around $800 million on the U.S. embassy in Kabul, only to have that turned over to the Taliban.

Continuing the Biden administrations ineptitude continued with his disastrous policy of ending America’s energy independence leaving America with surging gas prices, and coupled with his massive federal spending and anti-business regulation has led to skyrocketing inflation unseen in over forty years.

The administration mismanagement has led to a baby formula shortage that was avoidable, as many of these failures resulted in poor judgement and incompetence by the administrations cabinet secretaries

With all these failures you have to blame everything on the president; but you also have to ask yourself what type of cabinet members, advisers and staff, whose sole duty is to advise the president, and must have the ability to manage their departments by protecting the president from unforeseen issues.  Instead of individuals more suited for the major leagues, Biden has a team operating five levels of above their pay-grade.

Surrounding the president are his cabinet secretaries who were chosen not for their expertise in the department they were placed in charge to lead but because they hit some diversity demographic the Democratic Party wants to please.

Look at the ineptitude of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas handling of the border crisis, as each time he conducts a media interview or testifies before Congress he gives misinformation or down right lies on illegal immigrations true impact.

Instead he is more concerned with promulgating a “disinformation board” then actually doing his job of securing the border.

Attorney General Merrick Garland is too busy tracking parents who complain about the quality of their children’s education then to address violent crime across America or protecting U.S. Supreme Court justices from attack from extremists.

With surging gas prices impacting the budget of American families you have Interior Secretary Deb Haaland failing to meet the deadline for a new offshore leasing plan to increase U.S. oil supply, instead focused on creating a “Truth and Healing Commission.”

As America faces massive supply chain disruption that fuel shortages of basic consumer commodities further impacting inflationary prices plus the massive delays and cancelations at the nation’s airports the question is where is Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg?

Maybe he should focus on fixing the supply-chain snags and the disruption at our nation’s airports instead of prioritizing his departments focus on unveiling a $1 billion pilot project to promote “racial equity” in America’s roads.

Where has Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra been, when his department oversees the Food and Drug Administration, the very agency responsible for the baby-food formula debacle?  Becerra was also absent in his departments coordination of the administrations Covid response when his department oversees all of the nation’s federal health agencies. Instead we were left with confusing messages to how the nation responds to Covid.

How about Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm who didn’t even know the basic information about U.S. energy production such as her failure to know how many barrels of oil the nation uses each day, her response to surging energy prices is to buy electric vehicles. This comes at a cost of around $55,000 with the average U.S. salary of around $51,000.

Then finally is the president’s own amateurish communications team who comes up with disastrous ideas of blaming others for their Biden’s own policy mistakes such as blaming mom and pop gas station owners for high prices, or using the term “Ultra-MAGA crowed to deflect the blame over high inflation.

Now the Democratic Party are beginning to step up their criticism of President Biden, unfortunately they are tied to his policy failures and blunders as they supported everything he advocated, now they will have to face the wrath of voters come November.

The only one smiling about the Biden administration’s failure is former President jimmy Carter as Biden will go down if his administration failures continue will be the worst president in the modern era if not ever.