By John Ubaldi, “Ubaldi Reports”

President Biden and his administration have placed a policy goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, but the unfortunate winner will be China as the United States will be dependent on Beijing for its energy security thereby enriching communist China.

As the Biden administration and the Democratic Party rapidly push their radical “new green agenda,” China currently dominates the clean energy market, and with it the control of the natural resources and all the manufacturing elements needed to make the transition to alternative green energy.

Many energy experts have stated China will increase its dominance in the decades ahead as America’s domestic environmentalist opposition is opposed to any and all fossil fuels. The Biden administration continues its pursuit with its green energy objectives thus enriching Chinese companies and its very subsidiaries with billions of dollars.

The Biden administration is doing everything in its power to get China to substantially reduce its greenhouse emissions, despite the fact Beijing produces more than a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions globally. China has firmly rejected Biden’s overtures, as Beijing knows that this will destroy their economy and is more than willing to allow America to erode its own economy.

Far too many China experts are faulting the Biden administration for its zealous pursuit of alternative energy, fulling knowing China will never abandon its own fossil fuels and will gladly allow the U.S. to pursue this transition to its own advantage.

“China,” says Senator John Barrasso (R-Wy.), the ranking member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, “is playing us for suckers.”

The biggest advantage that China has is its major command over the supply chains, and over its production of wind turbines, solar panels, and lithium-ion batteries, all these key components are crucial to obtaining Biden’s net-zero objectives.

China has done everything to secure its own domestic reserves of rare earth minerals needed for batteries in electric vehicles, it has aggressively invested in mines worldwide, has grown into a global refining and processing power of these key raw materials.

Why do you think China is heavily involved in Africa where most of the rare earth minerals come from?

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, China is the leading producer of 30 of the 50 minerals, including among them rare earth metals, which the U.S. government deems critical, particularly for their usage in energy technologies.

Everyone needs to understand that rare earth minerals are the essential aspect found in electric vehicles and in wind turbines. The United States is dependent on 95% of all rare minerals that need to be imported often from authoritative countries such as China, which produces 70% of all these minerals globally. According to the International Energy Agency, the PRC dominates “across the [rare earth] value chain from mining to processing and magnet production.”

America also needs other critical rare earth minerals to power its green energy transition which are needed in solar cells, wind turbines and electric vehicles such as cobalt, key to lithium-ion batteries; nickel, also key to such batteries and in renewable energy storage; and lithium itself. Beijing is the global leader in refining all of these minerals and produces 50-70% of all lithium and cobalt globally.  The U.S. on the other hand has zero refining capabilities for many if not all of these same key minerals.

Ben Weingarten writing in Real Clear Politics reported that in analyzing the International Energy Agency’s authoritative “Net Zero by 2050” roadmap, the Energy Policy Research Foundation concluded, in a report supported by the Real Clear Foundation (which also funds Real Clear Investigations), that “replacing oil and gas with metal-intensive renewables and batteries risks further reinforcing China’s dominance in these critical minerals, at the expense of the energy security of most of the world.”

In the research that was conducted showed that;

  • Ten of the top 15 global wind turbine manufacturers are Chinese.
  • China’s share in each of the five key manufacturing stages of solar panels exceeds 80%.
  • China dominates in every aspect of the lithium-ion battery value chain – the batteries that power electric vehicles and battery storage power stations.

China is doing everything it can to dominate these key core minerals needed as they will do anything it takes to do so. Even the liberal New York Times in 2021 reported that Hunter Biden had “helped secure cobalt for the Chinese” in 2016, this was all done while President Biden served as vice president under President Obama.

As the Biden administration pushes America toward his green agenda nobody in the mainstream media has asked the president or anyone in his administration how much it will cost the average American to buy an electric vehicle.

Joel Kotkin wrote that the transition to electric cars will be no boon to the middle and working classes. The average price for a brand-new EV is over $60,000 – about $12,000 more than the average four-door sedan. Even with tax credits, it is hard to see how consumers come out ahead, at least for now. Certainly, working- and middle-class Americans won’t be snatching up the newly planned $300,000 Cadillac EV. Even the popular Model Y Tesla SUV is out of reach for many, as its price has fluctuated between $54,000 and $70,000 over the past year. Perhaps more importantly, the electric version of the Ford F-150 pickup truck costs an additional $26,000 compared with the popular gasoline-powered variety.

Even the CEO of Ford Jim Farley experienced his own challenges with electric vehicles on a recent road trip in an F-150 truck. “Charging has been pretty challenging,” Farley said in a video posted on X. “It was a really good reality check of the challenges our customers go through and the importance of fast charging.”

Kotkin also reports that in simple terms, the push for EVs represents an assault on the working class. Two-thirds of all EV owners have incomes in excess of $100,000. According to United Latinos Vote, a California-based advocacy group, green attempts to ‘phase out’ affordable cars in favour of ‘expensive EVs’ might make it possible for ‘our rich neighbours in the next town to charge their Teslas’, but they would ‘make it unaffordable to use our [cars]’.

The other unreported aspect of electric vehicles is its impact on developing nations such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo have been an environmental disaster not only for the earth but for the people who mine these precious minerals.

Children as young as six years old are mining these key minerals such as cobalt that are causing horrific health challenges for the people especially these young children.

The only winner in Biden’s push for his green agenda is China and not the American people. If allowed to continue, America will replicate the 1970’s where OPEC shut off oil deliveries to the U.S. causing a severe economic shock.

Are we headed that way again, but this time China holds leverage over U.S. national security?